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Monday, May 7, 2012

Salt - Japanese Fusion - Aree, Bangkok

Salt  (Japanese Restaurant Aree, Bangkok)

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Salt Fusion Restaurant Aree, Bangkok on BumRes.com

The Salt is a newly opened restaurant (Grand opening happened in early 2011 or late 2010) in the Soi Aree.  Now Soi Aree is becoming an Avenue of Chic restaurants.  There are quite a variety of restaurants; classics style, young and modern style, as well as simple down to earth and street food stalls.  We can easily notice that Soi Aree is becoming like the Sriwara Road near Town in Town area.  

The salt opened for dinner at 6.00pm but I got there at 5.30pm.  Workers were still cleaning the floor and setting up the table, so we had to wait about half an hour to get into the restaurant.  Prior to coming to the Salt at Soi Aree, I did some research and found out that it has similar cooking style to Pladib, a more experienced restaurant in the Soi Aree – both serving Japanese with Italian fusion dishes along with a diverse choice of cocktails.  The Salt’s menu is full of creative dishes unlike some new restaurants that start off with fewer items.  Price range of the food is better than just affordable – in fact it is a nice bargain, if we were to weigh out with the atmosphere and the food.      

On my visit at the Salt @ Soi Aree, I ordered four dishes.  First dish was the Beef Salad (I can’t remember the proper name).  This salad looked messy and unattractive; literally it was a blob of beef slices atop plain spring mix and nothing else.   After the first bite, the greatness of the taste overcame its boring look.  I really enjoyed the buttery dressing with a salted touch on top of the beef grilled to medium rare.  The beef was so delicious; impressive salad.  Second one was the Pasta with chopped lamb.  This one tasted alright but I felt like it was missing something.  I didn’t know what it was though.   

The third dish at Salt on Aree road was a Duck leg with French style baked rice – a delicious one.  The duck was perfectly cooked; crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  To enjoy with the sweet and savory French baked rice and the tangy dressing, the triple goodness turned this creation to a heaven in a plate.  First three dishes were all Italian but the last one was more Japanese.  It was a simple maki roll.  To be honest, I didn’t like it at all.  The presentation was simple and the taste was ordinary.  With the negative impression on the roll, I had to justify with 6 more pieces of nigiri, which were Salmon, Saba, and Hotate.  I thought that the fish had good quality and freshness but I felt weird about the vinegar rice.  The rice being hard and dry could be the reason that the maki roll earlier wasn’t good.  

At the Salt, the bill totaled to about 1,000 Baht.  There was no Vat or Service charge added, which saved us about 17%.  Italian specialties were much more impressive.  Unlike some of the sushi that was kind of disappointing.  Well, if you get to try the Salt, please share your thoughts about the Sushi.  I hope that I am not wrong about the bad rice of the Salt @ Soi Aree.  

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