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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tung Jai Yuu Chinese Restaurant Surawong

Tung Jai Yuu Chinese Restaurant - Surawong Road

Overall Score  8/10
Taste  4.5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value  2.5/5

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Many of you may have already heard about this famous Chinese restaurant on Yaowarat road.  Tung Jai Yuu has been around for several decades.  I have dined here a couple of times when I was younger.  Recently I haven’t had a chance to go there at all because it is far from my house and parking isn’t so convenient.  Last month I happened to find a review about a second location of the Tung Jai Yuu on the Surawong road in Silom area, so I had to take my family to check it out. 

In Thai, the name of this Chinese restaurant - Tung Jai Yuu means a great concentration.  Asking my dad who is the second generation Chinese descent, he said that the calligraphy writing can be read that way.  Well, it is a good name for Thai people.  Chinese food here is the gourmet level with Dim Sum (even at dinner time) and other fine choices of Chinese specialties such as the Pekking Duck, Whole pork with crispy skin, Chinese Sushi, Sea cucumber, etc.  In terms of Seafood, live ones are still in tank.  This is common at many Chinese and Thai Seafood restaurants to ensure the freshness.  

Customer service of the Tung Jai Yuu was a bit disappointing.  I was expecting a more formal service from this gourmet restaurant.  Servers were not trained with the appropriate techniques.  Needless to say but servers at Franchise restaurant are much better at it.  First dish served on the table was the Chicken in alcohol with Jelly fish (Drunken chicken).  It is my favorite menu, so I always order it wherever I can.  Both selections in the dish were great to be served together.  If you find the Jelly fish too weird, you may only go for the chicken.  Flavors were not the best; other restaurants that I had been to can do this menu better.  Next up were the Dim Sum; shrimp Shumai and Chinese Rice Bun.  Both were pretty delicious; I wish the portion was larger.  Soon afterward was the Chinese Sushi or what we call Hue-Sae.  A side of vegetables was large compared to other Chinese places.  To my surprise, pineapple served together was a great match with the Chinese Sashimi.  The Chinese sauce was also amazingly yummy - nice spice, unlike other sauces I have seen.  I really enjoyed this one, definitely recommend it. 

Fourth dish at Tung Jai Yuu was a highlight, the Sea cucumber in red broth – small pot for 500 Baht.  Being a small pot, the portion was not small at all – we could easily split into about ten small bowls.  Excessive amount of contexts were impressive, including chunks of Sea cucumber, Ginkgo nuts, tofu, and more.  I was so in love with this menu – thumbs up! Next dish was the distinctive fish menu (Gray Mullet) with Chinese sauce – (600 baht).  I am not sure if I ever had a menu like this one before.  The preparation is unique.  First the fish is seasoned and cooked, then it is put in refrigerator to where the sauce becomes jelly and the fish meat is cold – ready to serve!  It was weird for me but good in its own way.  However, I don’t think I can get used to it.  I like eating fish the traditional way more – served hot.  By this time we still have two more dishes.  First of the last two was the Poi Sien.  The name refers to the eight elements within the menu.  I think they put more than eight, see the photo.  This dish had so many ingredients and it was lip smacking good.  Last one was the Koy See Mee, stir-fried noodle dish with chopped mushroom, ham, Chinese veggies, and the skinny egg noodles.  This menu took too long to come out but the taste was worth the wait.  Tung Jai Yuu’s gourmet dishes were all enjoyable.  

All of us were so stuffed, almost exploded.  If you didn’t go with a group of people, I suggest that you’d better order your dishes in smaller size.  As I understand, all the dishes today were small.  I feel like the small size here is like a medium size elsewhere.  The total damage of this gourmet Chinese meal at the Tung Jai Yuu was 3,000 Baht.  On the bill was written only 3,000 Baht; so well rounded, eh?  We were confused, so we tried to add up all price of each dishes in our head but there was no way it reached that price – oh well! We just let it go.  We should have asked for itemized receipt.  Many interesting dishes in menu I wanted to try at the Tung Jai Yuu @ Surawong road but I probably won’t have the chance.  If you get to try, please share your thoughts. 

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