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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sonie's Japanese Fusion - J-Avenue Thonglor, Bangkok

Sonie's J-Avenue Thonglor, Bangkok - Japanese Fusion 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Sonie's Japanese Fusion Restaurant @ J-Avenue ทองหล่อ on BumRes.com

This is the Sonie’s restaurant, not the same as the Japanese brand Sony that sells electronics, lol… but it is a Japanese fusion restaurant.  In my knowledge, the first location was in the Sukhumvit Soi 30 something (I can’t remember).  The original location was so successful that the Sonie’s grew into a second branch in the J-Avenue, which I am reviewing.  

Arriving to the Sonie’s Japanese fusion restaurant around 5pm when the place just opened for dinner time.  And I was the first one at the restaurant.  The size of this place was deceiving from the outside.  Inside, a large size dining hall had about 20 four-seater tables.  I would like to imagine a full house.  It must be quite lively in here. 

There were so many dishes to choose from; about 100 items at least.  All were divided into categories of appetizers, salad, pasta, main dish, and so on.   Moreover, there were sections of sushi, sashimi, and Japanese specialty.  Average prices of each item were between 150-500 Baht according to the ingredients and types.  Some dishes are prepared with the high grade ingredient, which made the dish more expensive accordingly. 

I was there with my mom.  She said that she is on a diet as she said, “you go ahead and order what you want, I’ll just nibble of off yours.” I suited myself with three choices.  First one was the most expensive set of the Sonie’s; a set of six types sashimi for 490 Baht.  At first I was anxious to see what I would get.  But it was a relief once I saw the dish.  Quantity of this set was satisfying (please see the photo).  For this price, I would only get like three pieces at a premium Japanese restaurant.  Regarding the taste and freshness of this dish, all I can say is, impressive – scored 8.5 out of 10.  The cuts were mouthful, incredible offer for such a good price.  

Second dish was the daily special (I didn’t take a photo of the menu and I can’t remember the name – so sorry).  Basically it was a Hotate with Truffle and some other additions.  Presentation was so wonderful that I didn’t want to touch it.  The taste was amazing that I imagine myself eating 20 pieces of it without caring about my stomach.  The third dish was a highlight of this meal.  That’s right – the first two wasn’t good enough to be the highlight.  Price, appearance, and taste were the factor in posting this dish as the ‘man of the match’.  My mom and I were speechless as the dish was coming to the table.   It was the angel hair with brown gravy with the beautifully placement of the Tiger prawn, topped off with the Salmon roe.  Noticing this dish in the menu, I wondered why a pasta dish could cost over 400 Baht.  For the taste of this Sonie’s highlight pasta, my mom and I came to an easy conclusion – Thumbs up!

Since we were so stunned by the main dishes, we had to order their dessert.  We ordered the Tiramisu.  Sonie’s Tiramisu was a cake roll style.  Appearance was new to me, interesting in a creative way.  Its taste was nice and simple.  I have had better, though we enjoyed it. 

The total damage at this fusion Japanese was 1,800 Baht.  For three dishes, the price was rather high.  Honestly, it was well worth it to find a great meal.  We were happy with everything; the food, the atmosphere, and the service.  Sonie’s Japanese Fusion restaurant served their food with splendid presentation.  I was more impressed than expected.  I will recommend this place to everyone I know and I would definitely go back there again myself.  One question to Khun Sonie – Did you create the daily special yourself? If you did, let’s give Sonie a big round of applaud. 

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