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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long Table Thai Fusion Restaurant - Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok

Long Table (Thai-Fusion Restaurant) Sukhumvit 16

Overall Score  7.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   2/5

Long Table - Thai Fusion Cuisine, Bangkok on BumRes.com

The Long Table was once again the restaurant that my girlfriend and I chose to celebrate our farewell.  She was heading to the U.S. for education.  This restaurant is located on the 25th floor on the Column Tower.  At first I thought this building was full of offices but when I was inside I realized that it was a hotel.  We’d like to think that normally a restaurant on a high-rise hotel is expensive.  It is right.  But it is okay.  For a special occasion like this one, we can pay to exchange for the good experience.  

The Long Table mainly serves Thai food with fusion.  However, many customers would come here for Cocktails and enjoy the view of the city lights at night time.  So their expertise focused on the alcoholic beverages more than the food, which made their food selection smaller and marked at higher price (though portions of the main dish were more than expected).  Please find the details of the menu in the tab menu.  Food prices were high but drink prices were even higher.  For a bottle of Singha water, it cost 80 Baht.  Other drink prices range accordingly; up to more than 300 Baht for the fancy cocktails and spirits. 

On this visit, I mostly ordered from the Happy Hour Menu Specials, available from 5.00-7.30 in the evening.  We ordered about four dishes and each of them was like side dishes to compliment the drinks.  Quality, taste, and presentation were pleasurable.  Our selections from the special menu were well worth it.  Other dishes that we ordered outside the special menu were Crab Cake, Salmon something, stir-fried vegetables, and a grilled chicken breast.  These four choices were as delicious as they appeared on the plate.  Honestly, they looked too nice to be Thai dishes but the taste was very close to authentic Thai.  Moreover, dishes from the a la carte menu came in good portion.  Comparing to other restaurants, the experience was well value.  

We ordered three choices of desserts; Banana crepe, strawberry mix, and a chocolate cake.  All of which were arranged fabulously fancy, aesthetically pleasing to easily compete with nice Italian or French restaurants.  After we both dug into them, we were even more impressed.   My girlfriend was in love with these sweet treats. 

The bill at the Long Table totaled to 9,000+ Baht.  I think for people who doesn’t drink like me, it would probably cost around a thousand Baht a person but I ordered two bottles of wine.   Only the drinks alone made up almost half of the bill.  If it weren’t a special occasion, it would be a real costly meal.  For the fine experience that my girlfriend and I had, I considered that portions of the bill were for the service, the atmosphere, and the tasty food.  In case you look for a place to have a romantic dinner with your special someone, Long Table is suitable for a desirable experience. 

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