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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baan Ajarn Thai Restaurant - Soi Rangnam, Bangkok

Baan Ajarn Thai Restaurant - Soi Rangnam, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Baan Ajarn Original Thai Cuisine on BumRes.com

Finding the Baan Ajarn restaurant was once again a coincidence.  At first my mom and I were heading to the Kuang Seafood in the same area but got distracted by the attractive image of this restaurant, so we decided to try the new choice.  The Baan Ajarn is located in the Soi Rangnam, where parking is limited.  If you were to drive there, try to get lucky.  On my visit, I was fortunate enough to find one spot. 

Entering the interior space of the Baan Ajarn was like going into a Western style restaurant.  Atmosphere was relaxing with the slow music.  The restaurant wasn’t so big.  I’m not sure how many table they have exactly but not so many and a few of them were already reserved.  We were there around 7pm and there were only about three parties dining.  So, the feel was like a grandpa and grandma’s food shop serving homemade meals. 

This restaurant is serving authentic Thai cuisine.  Many choices are available in the menu.  Too many compared to the size of the place – I thought.  However, the price was real good; in the 80-120 range mostly.  And price of some seafood choices jumped to a higher range, though still reasonable.  With so many items to choose from, we took a while to pick five of most attractive dishes. 

First menu was the Tom Yum Goong for 120 Baht.  This one was on the recommendation list.  I assumed that it was made to please the non-Thais, so I wanted to see how they like it.  The portion was larger than I expected.  About the flavor, just as I expected; less spicy with the sour and savory taste that were somehow delicious.  Good amount of large shrimps and mushroom.  Nice choice!

Second dish was the Lardna noodles with ground beef.  This portion was also satisfying but the taste was so so.  I have had better.  Oh well, I knew that it wasn’t on the suggestion. 

Third dish was the Green curry in Omelet, which was the highlight of the night.  I was so in love with this menu; presentation was stunning (see photo), serving size was incredible.  I guess that this menu must have taken three eggs to complete.  With a price of 130 Baht, it was a great deal.  The taste was not to worry about; super delicious.  It was so much food but was so good that my mom and I worked it all into our stomach. 

Fourth dish was a mix vegetable stir-fried with shrimp, which was too ordinary, toward disappointing.  I don’t know if the vegetables were overcooked or it wasn’t fresh.  The shrimp was too small.  And the sauce was just not right.  

Finally the last menu, the Kanompung Namoo – crispy fried bread with pork spread.  I hadn’t had this menu for a while.  It was my childhood favorite.   I wasn’t thinking about this fact but I actually started to recall when I was enjoying the dish.  We were pretty full by the time this dish arrived but we still easily nibbling our way through the dish.  

The bill totaled to 683 Baht without the Vat or Service charge like most Thai restaurant (but some Thai restaurants are not following the norms).  The Baan Ajarn @ Soi Rangnam turned out to be a good choice.  I would like to recommend this restaurant to all of you.  You will find many classic Thai dishes with authentic taste.  Moreover, the price is lower than many restaurants of the same grade. Try to take the public transportation to avoid parking hassles.  And try to call in for a reservation ahead of time to be sure because the place is small. 

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