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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wine Connection Bistro (European restaurant and wine bar) - K-Village Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

Wine Connection Bistro (European restaurant and wine bar) K-Village

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Wine connection Deli & Bistro on BumRes.com

The Wine Connection – Deli & Bistro is the restaurant of the Wine Connection, an exclusive distributor of quality wines in Bangkok.  They specialize in wine and all they sell is wine.  Location is at the K-Village on Sukhumvit 26.  I have been targeting this spot for a while but every time I was by there, the place was too crowded.  Today, I set my mind into reviewing this place.  We got there around 8pm and we had to wait about half an hour until we get our table.  We tried to make a reservation prior to coming in but the restaurant said that they didn’t take reservations on Friday and Saturday – walk in only.  What makes the Wine Connection Deli & Bistro so popular – let’s find out!

The spacious dining hall of the Wine Connection Deli & Bistro created a comfortable yet lively atmosphere.  Seating was available both outdoor and indoor.  My choice was the indoor as usual.  The atmosphere was so great – perfect for hanging out with friends in the evening.  Mainly the food of the Wine Connection Deli and Bistro was Italian with a fine touch of American contexts (especially the steak choices).  Average pricing of the food was reasonable for its location and the facility; ranges between 150 – 250 Baht and the steak dishes would be around 400 Baht.  One remarkable attraction of this joint is the wine selection; so many to choose from.  For being a wine shop, prices of the wine in the restaurant are the same as the buying to take home and same as the market price (however there is a charge for the Vat and the service when dining in).  This place attracts a great crowd of expatriates, which possibly make up about 50% of all the customers in the restaurant on my visit.  Food menu and wine list can be found in the tab menu as usual, please suit yourself.  

At the Wine Connection Deli and Bistro, I was part of a party of four.  In fact, it was a double date.  All of us enjoy eating, so we didn’t hold back when ordering the food.  First dish was the Caesar Salad for 140 Baht – a small serving (which become clearer to me about the pricing of the food).  Taste and presentation were standard; similar to the common Caesar salad you find elsewhere.  Next up was the Pizza with the meat and chilies topping for 180 Baht – a medium size pizza that tasted just alright.  Third one was the Ravioli Salmon for 180 Baht, which tasted mediocre and the portion was small. 

Two more dishes that were appetizers were Salmon roll for 190 Baht and a Beef Lasagna for 160 Baht.  The salmon roll tasted so weird that none of us liked it.  And the Lasagna was just up to par – nothing special.  For the main dish, we ordered two choices for sharing (one for each lovely couple, lol…).  First main dish was the braised lamb shank for 390 Baht – a signature dish that didn’t disappoint anyone.  This dish was super delicious and well deserved to be the proudly presented dish.  The other choice of main dish was the BBQ Sausage for 220 Baht, which was acceptable – pretty yummy.  We all shared a Crème Brulee for 80 Baht to end the meal.  This dessert was more for the two girls.  I didn’t like it so much because it was too sweet.  

The bill totaled to 2,379 Baht included one bottle of wine and the Vat + Service charge.  I am not surprised why this place has always been the popular spot of the K-village.  It is because the good and simple aspect of it.  All dishes were served very quickly; within five to ten minutes after ordering and servers were kind and well mannered.  Also the pricing factor; reasonably cheaper than I expected (even if the portion were less than it should be for some choices).   As I mentioned earlier, great wine choices at market price was a plus.  All of these qualities turned the Wine Connection Deli & Bistro @ the K-Village into a hot spot.    

If any of you are interested in checking out the Wine Connection Deli & Bistro, I suggest going on the weekdays since weekend crowd is a bit frustrating.  

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