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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zuma Japanese Valentine's day Menu - St. Regis, Bangkok

Zuma - St. Regis Bangkok : Valentine Day Menu

Zuma - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

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On the Valentine’s Day this year, many restaurants prepare to serve the most romantic set dinners for sweet couples to spend quality time.  The Zuma Modern Japanese Izakaya, my favorite restaurant also has the Valentine’s day menu.  Basically the dinner set is a 12 course set  menu at the price of 3,800++ Baht.  Each course comes with the variety of ways for the couple to share and enjoy.  In this review of the Zuma, I will go over each course one at a time.  

Before getting to the savory items, let’s see what the Zuma has to offer from the bar.  For a restaurant to be great, besides the atmosphere, the service, and the food taste being the main factors; the distinctiveness is also a key factor for the restaurant to be memorable – it is the creativity that differentiates from the whole, making a restaurant greater than others.  For the Zuma @ St. Regis, they really present the dining experience in their own style.  There is not only good food here, the cocktails are also brilliant.  Rare liquor choices are impressive – so creative that it will blow your mind away.  On the day that I reviewed the Valentine’s day menu, the Zume came up with four new cocktail choices, which are -  
- Old Fashioned Orange Habit (Black Nikka whisky, umeshu, candied orange and a hint of almonds)
- Tokyo Dream (vanilla infused Suntory Kakubin whisky, umeshu, premium dry sake, lemon sorbet and fresh lime)
- Mandarin Fizz (Brokers gin, Ichiko Mugi shochu, fresh mandarin, mandarin sorbet and fresh apple, topped with ginger ale)
- Yuzu and Mandarin Cosmopolitan (Grey Goose Citron, fresh yuzu and mandarin, with a touch of cranberry)

All of these cocktails are never to be found elsewhere – only at the Zuma @ St. Regis.  These drinks are presented beautifully in their own style but quite similar in flavor; being tangy, surprisingly easy to drink, and more importantly easy for girls to fall in love.  Besides the signature cocktails, common spirits are available as well.  With all the choices of alcoholic drinks you can think of, plus the extraordinary ones – absolutely make the liquor bar at the Zuma the one of a kind. 

I usually find a full course menu with about 8-course but this time the Zuma is serving full 12 courses, which is the most I would ever have in my life.  If there were five more courses, it would be like the 17 course classical French menu, which is the full on culinary experience ( I don’t think we have a place offering it in Thailand.  As you might know that for a typical Thai meal, everything is served all at once – not the serving style that I am used to in the past.  For many people, different eating cultures may be difficult for one to adapt.  Being an open minded people about trying diverse types of food, I learn to respect the way other cultures eat.  To me, eating in courses is truly meaningful.  It is an art of designing and prioritizing the flavors for the best enjoyment of the ingredients used in each course – just sophisticated.  When serving one course at a time, it is like the dining time is paced by the kitchen, allowing the couples to slow down and enjoy the quality time together.   For this coming Valentine’s day – The Zuma @ St. Regis will fascinate you and your date with the romantic atmosphere and the classic pace 12-course dinner set. 

First course was the fresh oysters from Kumamoto.  What a great start for a couple – oysters are known to be the aphrodisiac.  Well, I thought that this dinner was going to slow things down.  Oysters might actually put the couples into an urge to get home early and…

The second course was an easy appetizer – the Sliced seabass with truffle oil and yuzu.  It was a simple sashimi style dish with a slightly salty and tangy sauce.  The Ikura was perfect add on.    

The third course was the Mizuna salad with slow cooked egg and bonito flakes.  The salad may appear to be a homely one but the tastes blew my mind away.  Its complex flavor was mysterious and I just wanted to have another serving of it.

The fourth dish was the Sashimi assortment, consisted of Golden eye bream, Shima Aji, and Squid.  These were an interesting pick – not commonly found at typical Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.  We are so used to seeing the Salmon, Tuna, and Hamachi most of the time.  The presentation was breathtaking.  Its freshness was charming and delicious.  I have had Sashimi and Zuma a couple of times before and I am still impressed.  If it wasn’t so expensive, I would come here all the time.

The next three items were Nigiri and Maki combination.  We had seared Salmon with cripy skin and ikura.  Then we had the Salmon and avocado maki, which was the one with simplest appearance but the most delectable of the three.  The last on the plate to try was the Spicy tuna roll with tempura flakes.  I am not joking – I really loved these sushi.     

The eighth dish was the Grilled Hokkaido scallops with grated apple and wasabi.  The size wasn’t as big since it is from Hokkaido, smaller than Alaskan scallops.  Its small size didn’t make it any less enjoyable.  Being so fresh, the natural sweetness was awesome with the light soy sauce and the spicy and tangy sauce.  I can only complain about the serving portion.  I want more!

The nineth dish was the Alaskan king crab tempura with red chili dashi.  I have had this menu before.  And for some reason it was more delicious the first time.  It must be the first timer thing.  So, have your first. 

The tenth dish was the Robota grilled kamichiku wagyu with fresh wasabi and artisan salts.  Being a meat lover, this was a nice break from seafood.  It was super super delicious.  Everyone in the table loved this dish.  I am drooling as I write this. 

In the menu, the eleventh dish was supposed to be the White miso soup with clams.  Instead we got the Saikyo miso marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf.  This was a dish that I was going crazy for on the last visit.  This time the black cod was just as amazing as the first try.  The presence of the Saikyo miso is not only shown as glazing at the skin but it was infused throughout the chunk of the fish.  Actually I am not surprised about because I was told that the Black cod was marinated for three days.  What a wonderful dish it is, this is a must try dish at the Zuma @ St. Regis.

After all the savory dishes, it is about time to get sweeter with your couple.  For the Valentine’s occasion, the Zuma will particularly serve the Strawberry hakkaido cream tart with yoghurt ice cream and the Special Valentine day dessert – chocolate raspberry mousse, roasted rice biscuit and milk ice cream.  There is no way I could describe the beauty of this dessert through words.  The photographs will speak for me.  Honestly I was afraid to start – ruining a work of art.  Once started, I couldn’t I tried every bit of it – the blackberry, raspberry. 

The Valentine’s day dinner set menu at the Zuma was superb.  You will definitely impress your valentine.   For this special occasion, the romantic atmosphere of the Zuma @ St. Regis couldn’t be any more perfect.  For your special someone that is crazy about Japanese food, the unique culinary creation of the Zuma will be absolutely overwhelming.   

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