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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IL Ceilo Italian Restaurant Review - Dusit Thani Hotel, Silom, Bangkok

IL Ceilo Italian Restaurant of Dusit Thani Bangkok - Traditional Italian Cuisine

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

The Italian restaurant in the name of IL Ceilo is one of the many restaurants of various nationalities at the Dusit Thani Bangkok.  Since this establishment has been around for so many years, restaurants in this hotel may have been overlooked recently.  People mostly get excited with the newer places in town.  There are rarely any recent reviews of the IL Ceilo on the internet, so this occasion is rather proper for review to update on it.  

The IL Ceilo is located on the level M or at the lobby level of the Dusit Thani, opposite to the Chinese restaurant.  In the interior setting, main areas of regular seating surround the center column.  Open kitchen is set off further in the back of the room.  Private rooms are off to the side; two on the left and one on the right.  The decoration appealed more oriental contemporary style than an Italian one.  With the lengthy straws, textured stone façade, and the contrast of wood and stone floor, the whole luxurious elements embedded in it could also express the southern region of the Europe as well, I supposed.  Overall, I definitely rate the atmosphere of the IL Ceilo with high stars; well matched with the Traditional Italian Cuisine that they offer.

The review is on the Business lunch set.  In my opinion, this is a great place for a business meeting.  There are 5 different lunch set menus for the each day of the week; set A, B, C, D, and E.  You can choose the 2-course set for 690++ or the 3-course set for 850++.  The appetizer and dessert is set for you and you have the choice for the main course. 

The starter of the Menu C (on a Wednesday)was the “Four kinds of light hot and cold appetizer.”  There were actually five choices on the plate.  Parma ham was in the center and the four corners of the square plate were a variety of Italian style bites; beef carpaccio, cheese frites, ravioli like, and tuna salad.  Its eye catchy presentation beat its tastefulness a little bit.  For being in the set, it was well worth it.  We also had the Pumpkin soup with amaretto, which was rather awkward.  Its taste wasn’t impressive, though not that bad.  Perhaps if it was served slightly hotter, it would be more enjoyable.  One of my friends wasn’t so fond of this soup.  He thought it was too sweet.    

For the main course in the party of four, we all chose four different ones, which were all there were to choose.  My choice was the Crespelle stuffed with radicchio and ricotta with parmesan cheese sauce.  This one had an interesting look; it was good but the flavors were as prominent.  Three other choices on the table were great looking as well.  Sea bream with baby spinach, roasted ratte potato and saffron sauce was most attractive to me, in terms of the look and taste.  It had a light flavor but just delicious.  The pick four toppings Pizza was a nice one.  We picked Milano salami, parmesan, rocket, and pepperoni.  This was a well baked pizza for a lunch time and the doe was decent.  The other choice was the Roasted duck breast with chestnut puree, honey shallot and port wine sauce – good duck but the sauce was mediocre.  I may not have much experience with the Traditional Italian cuisine, so I couldn’t be the perfect judge.  These dishes tasted average good.  My friends and I were satisfied but not intrigued with any dish in particular.  At the Dusit Thani, target customers are mostly non-Thai, so I would assume that the flavors are milder.  I admit that the ingredients were of good quality.  For being the lunch set, the IL Ceilo actually did well overall.  However, the flavors of each dish could be tuned up a notch.

We were in for the 3-course set, so we were served with the dessert of the day, which were the Tiramisu and the Chocolate Ice Cream.  The Italian chef of the IL Ceilo proudly presented the Tiramisu in his own style, creamy foamy mousse, very light though very interestingly done.  To me, it was too light since I was used to having the crisp contrasting in the layers of typical Tiramisu.  The Chocolate ice-cream served in the waffle was basic – tasty ice-cream, good combination as a whole.        

All in all, the Business lunch set at the IL Ceilo of the Dusit Thani Bangkok at Silom was satisfying even though we may not felt special with any dish specifically.  When considered this meal being at lunch time, it was all a pleasure.  Other factors such as customer service or atmosphere were wonderful.  I personally loved the décor.  Being the seated in the private room with the water feature out the window, it was a one of a kind lunching spot – I felt very special.  This restaurant was the perfect for hosting business guests.     

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