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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fire and Dine - European Pub and Restaurant Review - Asiatique, Bangkok

Fire & Dine - Modern French (European) Pub & Restaurant at Asiatique, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   4.5/5

Fire & Dine - Modern European (French) Cuisine on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

The Fire & Dine Bar and Restaurant is a fairly new establishment by Wine Republic. The place is located at the Asiatique, the new hot spot of Bangkok on the Jaroenkrung road, old part of Bangkok.  Speaking of the atmosphere of this huge open-air plaza in renovated warehouses; with the riverfront area and the old industrial scene, it is a perfectly place to stroll around taking photos with friends during sunset and even later in the evening.  Picking a place to eat dinner at the Asiatique isn’t easy because there are so many restaurants to choose from.  The Fire & Dine appeared to be a popular choice, since I have gone to Asiatique a few times and the place was always busy.     

The Fire & Dine has the contemporary European look.  There are seating areas in the front for enjoying the good weather and people watching.   Inside, the full cocktail bar is at center, constructed with black steel posts.  The interior wall showed mostly bricks, matched with some wooden façade.  Wine Barrels are stacked above the dining area in the back as decoration.  In the front is where the wine shelves are; packed with wines from around the world.  There are so many choices of wine I didn’t bother to look into their list since the restaurant usually has the sommelier on duty.  This visit was on Monday and happened to be the day off for the sommelier.  It wasn’t a problem at all since there are plenty of fancy cocktails for me to choose. 

For the drinks, we had three choices of cocktails.  The first one we tried was of course the signature, the Fire and Dine.  Its light pinkish color was fruity and lovely but it was made with five types of alcohol; gin, rum, vodka, Malibu, and southern comfort.  So, it wasn’t a playful drink at all – some serious drinking business, I would say.  The taste was surprising.  It didn’t give me the bitter face.  It was an easy to drink one and will sure give you nice buzz quickly.  The second one was the Wake up, another easygoing one with the refreshing taste, just like the name.  Now that I am awake, I am ready for to try the Chocolate I love you.  This one has Amaretto and other mixtures (secret), sweet and chocolaty.  I would rather enjoy it as an after meal drink.     

European cuisine is what they do best here at the Fire & Dine.  The head chef who is the one of the partner clarified the food as the Modern French Cuisine with the focus on Minimalism, where core ingredients are the source of natural flavors and limit the additional flavoring.  There aren’t as many choices of food in the menu, compared to the cocktail menu and wine list of this place.  Remark on the good price of the food here.  The price range is around 200 to 300 baht.  For the Pizza, only 300 baht for a medium tray; pretty awesome deal.  

We had the Hokkaido Scallop Truffle Oil and Ginger Sauce (280 baht) for appetizer.  This is a light seafood starter.  It is made with hotate, chopped and paired with Shitake mushroom and a really simply yet savory sauce.  This one was a challenge on the freshness of the ingredient.  The Hotate was fresh sweet, amazing dish.  The chef recommended this one.  He proudly presented it. 

The second menu was the Pasta with Ebiko Cream Sauce (260 baht).  It was a simple looking pasta with shrimps arrange around the edges of the plate.  The creamy sauce was just right, not too rich and glazed all over the pasta.  Then we had the Ebiko smothered with the pasta, which was presented in every bite.  With the slight spicy flavor, it made this Cream sauce pasta even more tasteful.  A comment on the shrimp, it just didn’t taste as fresh and a bit overcooked but it wasn’t a problem.  It just turned out to be a prop instead of a star.  If the shrimp was great, this pasta would be perfect. 

The third dish was the grilled Salmon miso glazed (320 baht).  For presentation, this dish totally aced it.  For the taste, it was kind of awkward.  The fillet size was small and it could be more fresh.  The veggies coming with were a bit boring, too minimal I guess.  It was suppose to compliment the fish, which it did.  It could be the sauce that didn’t bring everything together. 

The last dish though, was a grand finale – the Fire and Dine Wagyu Burger on Charcoal Bun (320 baht).  I have had similar burger at the Smith @ Sukhumvit 49, which wasn’t as impressive.  This time, the Wagyu burger with black bun was fantastic.  Many people would think that the bun is made black with the squid ink or food dye but no; this bun was the Charcoal Bun.  What a brilliant idea of the chef.  The bun had a great firm texture, didn’t fall apart with the juicy wagyu beef patty.  Honestly, this burger was one of the great fancy burger I have had it a while.  One more comment on the fries, it just didn’t hit the spot.  If this burger had the top quality potato wedges fries as the compliment, I would be in Paradise.   Yeah, the wagyu patty matching the charcoal bun was a dream.     

Overall, my friends and I were quite impressed with our experience at the Fire & Dine.  The food was great besides for the minor glitches; these could be fine-tuned easily.  Since we got to meet Chef Kong /co-owner, I did make some comments about the food.  He was an open-minded young chef with passionate thinking.  I am sure that he is constantly making improvements on his offering at the Fire and Dine.  This place is already successful I’d say, since there were so many customers on my visit.  When you get a chance to go to the Asiatique, this restaurant bar is wonderful spot for relaxing atmosphere, creative cocktails, and tasty food.    

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