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Saturday, December 7, 2013

White Beer'D Review - Thai Fusion and European Pub and Restaurant at CDC

White Beer'D - CDC : Thai Fusion and European Pub & Restaurant Draft Beer

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

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If you were to find a community mall in Bangkok with a diverse selection of unique restaurants, non franchise, chill atmosphere, and full of beautiful young people, I am sure that many of you would have the CDC Crystal Design Center in your mind. The CDC at Liab Thangduan is a chic community mall that is full of cool restaurants as well as pub and restaurants. This review is on the White Beer'D, one of the many good pub restaurants at CDC.  

Hearing the name, you can probably tell that it is the restaurant with the focus on beers. White Beer'D or White Beard is the logo of this restaurant. There are so many selection of draft beers here; 9 brands and 11 different types. I have been to a few of this type of restaurants recently and this one actually has the most amount of choices. For bottled beers, there are about 22 choices, plenty of choices that will take you some time to decide. Thai people going out in large groups always share a tower of draft beer and White Beer'D surely has a few choices that can come in the tall dispenser tower. Tower of beer is of course the best bargain. 

About food, what they have to offer here is similar to most Thai pub & restaurant, serving Thai European fusion food. Most choices are the appetizer type that can go great with the alcoholic drinks. The menu at White Beer'D @ CDC is huge. Food prices are reasonable; main dishes cost around 300 Baht including vat + service charge and 150 Baht for snacks and appetizers. Mainly the atmosphere is divided into 2 zones; interior setting is like a older Western bar. The open air areas outside are nice, as long as the weather is nice. Sitting outside, you will get to enjoy the live music from the nearby restaurant, The Right Bank. Girl servers are dressed in dutch maid style, lovely costumes for Thai girls with slim bodies. They are sure a fine sight; a wonderful touch to the atmosphere for lonely guys. The servers may not know much about the food but they offered great service and they were friendly.

 We have tried almost every types of beer in the menu. My friends and I had five beers each. 
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest - Style Marzen (Lager) (6.0% Alcohol - 230 Baht) : This one is a nice lager, less bitter than Singha beer and the foam is soft and fine. It tasted pretty nice. 
  • Paulaner Hele-Weissbier - Style German Wheat Beer (5.5% Alcohol - 230 Baht) :  This one reminds me of the Hoegaarden, a fantastic wheaty beer with pleasant aroma. 
  • Old Speckled Hen - Style English Pale Ale (5.0% Alcohol - 230 Baht) : This is a dark ale from England, tasted strong with the ale flavor. Ale lovers will sure like this one I suppose. 
  • Bavaria Premium lager - Style Lager (5.0% Alcohol - 180 Baht) : This a a simple Lager. I am not the beer expert that can point out differences in beer flavors but draft Lager is always my favorite. 
  • Foster's Lager - Style Lager (5.0% Alcohol - 180 Baht) : This Australian beer is a full bodied Lager, very similar to Singha beer of Thailand.
  • Carlsberg - Style Lager (5.0% Alcohol - 180 Baht) : For a while Carlsberg disappeared from Thai market. The comeback is a surprise; it actually is a good beer. Now we can see Carlsberg in convenient stores.  
  • La Trappe Witte Trappist - Style witebier (Belgium wheat beer) - (5.0% Alcohol - 250 Baht) : This one has been my favorite. The shop ran out of the original La Trappe glass, so the beer was served in Bavaria glass instead. I believe I had seen this Belgian wheat beer in pilsner type glass before. I like its fine foam and hoppy wheat beer flavor.  

We ordered many different dishes. I can tell you briefly about each one since I was mostly enjoying the beers and the atmosphere. 
  • Chicken knuckles in red whisky sauce - 120 Baht : This one is delicious with its sweet and sour sauce. If it was more crispy, it would be perfect. 
  • Squid fritter - 150 Baht : Simply done deep fried squid was enjoyable with the beer. It was different from calamari since it was sliced into strips. 
  • Baked spinach with cheese - 180 Baht : A basic baked spinach with cheese with quality standard. There is nothing outstanding about it. 
  • Spicy salmon with lemon grass - 180 Baht : The server recommended this dish and I totally agreed. The flavor was very Thai and very intense. For Thai people, this kind of spicy dish is always the favorite. Cube Salmon was mixed with fresh Thai herbs, chili paste, with lime juice and the Thai yum dressing. 
  • Hot and spicy salmon - 180 Baht : A popular menu that is available at many pub and restaurants in Bangkok. Made with green oak and thin slices of Salmon and topped with Thai spicy dressing. Simple dish but somehow didn't hit the spot. 
  • Spicy german pork knuckle salad - 200 Baht : This one was one of the worst dish tonight. The pork was chewy and tough, and how it was served with the chinese kale just wasn't a match. The flavor of the salad dressing was weird.  
  • Black pepper salmon steak with wasabi sauce - 360 Baht : This dish was just not so tasty and it was too pricey. The small size salmon fillet was fried with black pepper sauce. The salmon wasn't fresh and the sauce didn't taste good. Moreover, the side salad on the dish is like a street side steak shop, selling a full option of steak, fries, and salad for no more than 100 Baht. 
  • Pork Chop - 250 Baht : This one was like the Salmon steak except the porkchop was niced grilled and tender. The side salad was the same, cheap salad. 

White Beer'D @ CDC is good spot to chill with friends and drink beers outdoor, enjoy a nice night of Bangkok. The vast selection of draft beers and the lovely servers are a plus. Thai appetizers are great but some of the main dishes were a disappointment. Well, I guess they want to concentrate on the beers and the snack food. If you want to get to know a variety of European beers, the White Beer'D is a good place to go. 

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