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Friday, March 29, 2013

Utage Supreme Sunday All-You-Can-Eat Brunch - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Utage (Supreme All-You-Can-Eat Sunday Brunch) Japanese Restaurant - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Let’s count all my reviews at this Utage restaurant- This is the third time already.  The earlier ones are somewhere try searching for them.  On those visits I went on Saturday afternoon, when it is an all-you-can-eat Buffet for a price of 1,500 Baht approximately.  This time I went on Sunday.  Now the Plaza Athenee, Bangkok had just added a new style Buffet, Atarashi Sunday Brunch (Atarashi means New) They have improved to a more advance menu by adding the superior dishes, such as Foie Gras, Wagyu, Hokkigai clams, and Lobsters.  No doubt about the price, it had increased to 2,800 Baht and you can grub the top of the food chain meal as much as you want during noon to around 2.30pm.

The tradition of ordering at Atarashi Sunday Brunch @ Utage is unique.  We basically pick the core ingredients.  We pick the cooking or the preparation method, which there are various ways to choose from; Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Steak (or Chabu, I didn’t order but I saw another table did), and Seared Sushi.  The remarkable choices were the Lobster, Hokkigai clams (usually cost 800 baht a piece), Amaebi (Sweet shrimp, usually 100-200 Baht per bite), Alaskan king crab, Foie gras, and Wagyu beef.  All of which didn’t look like much but these were absolutely golden bites.  Like Wagyu beef is usually 300-400 Baht for a good size bite.  Foie gras at Heiroku Sushi is 200 Baht or so, right? Therefore, a 2,800 Baht pass to eat unlimited amount of these Top shelf selections.  In my opinion, I rate the worthiness quite high because I also get a 50% discount, which price per head is only 1,500 Baht for me.  How could I complain about anything?

We began the superior experience with the assorted Sashimi, which consisted of standard size Lobster, Hamachi, Salmon, Amaebi, and Hokkigai clams.  I must say that this was the first time to ever try the lobster sashimi, how exciting.  Every pieces on the platter shined the promising quality.  After tasting each of them one by one, I was raised up step at a time toward Heaven.  They were too good to be true; extraordinarily delicious and fresh like picking from the sea to serve.  After a few Sashimi bites, the steaks followed, which are tiger prawns (oversized), Lobster, Claws of Alaskan king crab.  This platter came after the superior highlight so it was not loved as much as the Sashimi.  I am too fond of the fresh dishes, so it made the steak a third wheel.

We did the Sashimi. We did the Steak.  Now the third type had to be the official Sushi of the Utage @ Plaza Athenee.  They made the sushi small (just a tad bit smaller than other exclusive Japanese sushi bars in town) but ok.  Actually, after a few bites of the smaller, I like this size more now.  Sashimi in Thailand is often times better, since Sushi requires more technical skill and craftsmanship to do well.  To my surprise, Sushi in this meal was better than the Sashimi (My friends and I, we all agreed) As a result, our attentions were redirected to the Sushi.  All the rolls were really outstanding; Hamachi, Amaebi, Clams, Foie gras, Wagyu, Salmon, or whatever was in a sushi roll, they were so good…  A simple technique to get the most bangs for bucks was to eat more of the most expensive stuff.  We all happened to enjoy eating the expensive ones, so the Foie gras and Wagyu were our supreme choice that we consumed the most.  Delish delish delish…

The rest of the foods that we ordered were just a filler in this meal, nothing spectacular.  The vegetable or meat Tempura, the Teppanyaki (not so good- too dry), and the noodle dishes (only one soba).  We were afraid to get filled from the noodles so one serving was plenty.  Well, noodles weren’t in the right place when we had the best seafood and best beef.  

Even with the minor failure of the missing orders, long wait, and unavailable staffs, the service was still acceptable for a buffet.  I guess we just had too many orders.  Total damage of each of us was 1,500 Baht.  I didn’t know where to find a space to write the word ‘worth it’ enough in this review.  Then if we had to pay 2,800 Baht, we would second thought a moment but I would still come here because it is still worth it.  Let’s suppost that a lobster cost about 1,000 Baht, Foie gras was 100 Baht, Wagyu was 100 Baht; we already had more than what we paid for.  In fact, these superior selections cost more than that in the a la carte menu.  Check out the tab menu for other expensive Japanese restaurants.  All in all, I have to give this place a full scale, 10 out of 10.  One of the rarest restaurants you will ever experience is the Utage @ Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok.  I’d recommend to uphold this one on your top diner’s collection for the greatest joy.

P.S. Hey the Boss of Utage, I wish you would serve the Sea Urchin and the Ikura or the Salmon roe.  I wouldn’t mind paying extra cash for them at all.  

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