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Monday, March 25, 2013

Emperor Yakiniku Buffet Review - The Portico Langsuan, Bangkok

Emperor Yakiniku - Japanese Buffet Yakiniku Restaurant at The Portico Lungsuan 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4.5/5

Emperor Yakiniku - Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

Yakiniku buffet is a popular place for beef lovers.  I have also been going to many yakiniku buffet but recently I haven't going to the ones that are about 1,000 baht more than the cheaper ones.  The reason is because I happened to find 400-500 Baht buffet with lower quality and wasn't as satisfying.  This occasion I found the Emperor Yakiniku located at the Portico.  At first I didn't expect much from it because I knew the majority of 400-500 Baht range yakiniku buffet.  This time was different.  I was actually impressed with this place.   

The Emperor Yakiniku buffet has been in business since the December of 2011.  When I came to the Portico and saw this place, I thought that it probably wouldn't last long, with the Portico being a more upscale and the fact there is the King Kong buffet nearby.  Well, this buffet restaurant made it and actually successful, even that a couple other restaurants already went out of business in this place.  They must have something good here.  The price of the buffet at Emperor Yakiniku is 450 Baht net.  There is a promotion 5 for the price of 4.  Another promotion is the party of four, the fourth person gets 50% off all day.  Now that you see the price and the promotion.  it sounds pretty attractive, doesn't it? It is a good deal. 

For the beef choices, there are Angus from Australia, Sirloin, Lump (marble), and Ox tongue from Argentina.  So there are plenty of good choices (perhaps lesser than the Tohkai - Esplanade).  Other choices are bacon, river prawn, pork, kurubota, squid, chicken, and Salmon from Norway; a good range of standard selection.  Besides the selection for the grill, there are Korean style dishes and vegetable sides for you to choose from as well.  Please see the menu.  

In this review, we have about 8-9 choices.  I must say that the beef and other grilling goodies of the Emperor Yakiniku is very acceptable, better than I'd expect for the 400-500 Baht range buffet restaurant.  One of the best beef choices was the marble or Lump.  Many restaurants have this offer but this particular one at the Emperor Yakiniku was beautiful.  I could tell when it first came to the table.  The marbling pattern was all over.  I knew it was going to be delicious.  Quickly grilled and it was good to go.  To be honest, having just this Lump beef, it was satisfying enough.  

Other beef choices may not be as delicious but it was all good to a buffet standard.  The thickness of each slice was perfect for the grill, not too thin and not too thick.  Some places slice it too thick, which will stick to the grill, frustrating.  Other than the top quality Lump, the sirloin and the Angus were also satisfying.  My friends and I felt that this place's offer is well worth it.  The salmon was definitely better quality than most buffet places, could be sliced a bit thicker.  When it too thin, it is not good for the grill, 

About the pork, it didn't seem to be marinated as much but the taste of each bite was surprisingly full-favored.  I had the same feeling with both regular pork and the kurobuta.  The prawns were good size, must be about 200 - 300 Baht per kilo in the fresh market, appeared to be quite fresh.  It turned out pretty good after it was grilled.  Of course, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as the ones in Ayutthaya.  We had two more dishes; the Korean veggies salad, which was tasty.  The other dish was the Korean rice in rock bowl.  The size was about the same as the a la carte in Korean barbeque restaurants.  So, for buffet      

The Emperor Yakiniku Buffet was much better than what I had in mind considering the buffet of this price I have gone to in the past.  So, I definitely recommend this restaurant.  Coming with big group of friends could be fun and enjoyable as well.  So, keep the Emperor Yakiniku in your list when you feel like having lots of beef at a bargain price. 

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