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Monday, March 25, 2013

Evergarden Dim Sum Review - Sathorn, Bangkok

Evergarden - Chinese Restaurant at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Bangkok Dim Sum Peiking Duck

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

Evergarden - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

The review is on the Dim Sum at the Evergarden, the Chinese restaurant at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel.  This restaurant has been in business for about 30 years but I have just heard about it from reviews on the internet.  Many reviews mentioned that the Evergarden is serving good quality dim sum and very tasty. 

In the well with age look, many people would think that the Evergreeen Laurel could use some interior make over, to keep up with the new and chic hotels in Bangkok.  For the Evergarden, it actually had the warm and welcoming vintage feel.  I am not so sure if they ever had a renovation in the past 30 years.  There must have been some minor touch up once or twice at least.  Since the place was nice and clean, the overall atmosphere was quite pleasant.  There is seating in the main room with smaller round tables, and larger round tables in the private rooms.  There are four rooms total.  This restaurant may be in a three star hotel but the customer service is as great as you would find in five star hotels, if not better.  The restaurant was about 60% occupied and there was nothing to complain about the service at all; refilling the tea, clearing out plates, changing new plates.  Service staffs really knew what they were doing.  I was impressed.             

The Evergarden is very much like any upscale Chinese restaurants that the Dim Sum is served only at lunch time.  They only serve a la carte dishes at dinner time, although you can always order a la carte at lunch.  The food appears to be the Cantonese style, like most Chinese restaurants in hotels.  The dinner a la carte’s price is a bit higher than I expected.   Dim sum’s selection at the Evergarden is smaller, only 26 items.  All dim sum dishes are a la carte only, no buffet.  Price per basket is about 70++ baht.  In hotels, I usually find dim sum buffet so it is hard to judge.  If compared with other Chinese restaurant outside hotels, the one in hotel would be more expensive – no doubt.      

We ordered a few dim sum dishes.  Special shrimp dumpling “Har Gaw” (75 baht), Steamed Shu Mai Shrimp Dumpling (75 baht), Steamed pork Dumpling (75 baht), Steamed barbecued pork bun 70 baht), Deep fied beancurd skin roll with shrimp (70 baht), Pan fried mashed turnip cake (70 baht).  Overall quality of the dim sum at Evergarden was above standard.  I personally liked the turnip cake here.  It was one of the best I have had in a while.  The shrimps in the shrimp dumpling were plump and fresh.  However, these Dim Sums we had were the basic choices, no new or exciting choices.  I could tell that all were made fresh and used good ingredients.  If you don’t look for extraordinary style Dim Sum, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

In this meal, we had one dish that wasn’t from the dim sum menu, the Roasted Peking Duck (850 baht).  The price is surprisingly cheap for the whole peking duck (it will go up to 950++ baht, which is still a good price).  Peking Duck at the Evergarden is standard, duck’s skin with thin bread, cucumber, scallions, and the sauce.  This was average delicious, but not outstanding delicious like the Great Shanghai or Scala, that I believe to have the best peking duck in Bangkok.  The duck meat was sautéed with seasoning and herbs and a soup.  Both were enjoyable.  The bones were for the soup, which was simple and tasty.  

For desserts, we had four choices; Boiled sesame dumpling in hot ginger soup (80 baht), Iced sagu (tapioca) and cantaloupe (80 baht), Sweet ginko nut in syrup (100 baht), Sweet ginko nut in fresh milk (100 baht).  The ginko with milk is always my favorite and I always order it wherever I find it.  The ginko here may not be the most perfect ones but it was absolutely delightful.  My friends liked the Bua loy or the boiled sesame dumplings.   

Our heavy Dim Sum lunch at the Evergarden @ Evergreen Hotel on Sathorn road was satisfying.  We were impressed with the customer service and the classic atmosphere.  With the simple yet delectable Dim sum dishes, it was hard to go wrong.  This Chinese restaurant can easily compete with nicer Chinese restaurants in luxury hotels.  The staff said that they get regular customers daily.  Some of them have been loyal customers for a decade.  Many families come here every weekend.  So, that’s all I got to say about this place.  Personally I wouldn’t mind coming back for the a la carte menu at dinner.  There are a few appetizing classic choices in the menu I want to try.  

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