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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tummy Yummy Thai Restaurant Review - Soi Tonson, Bangkok

Tummy Yummy - Thai Cuisine at Soi Ton Son, BTS Ploenchit, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4.5/5

Tummy Yummy - Thai Restaurant on BUmRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

Tum could refer to the Somtum or papaya salad, the traditional Thai dish from Isaan or Northeastern region (that has become so popular in the central and everywhere in Thailand).  So, seeing just the name, Thai people may think that this restaurant is serving Northeastern Thai food, but what they have t o offer here is quite a variety; including Traditional Thai, Fusion Thai, and Thai Isaan.  This cozy little restaurant is located in the Soi Tonson, which is the street with a couple of good Italian restaurants like the Gianni and Artur.  The name Tummy Yummy may sound similar to the Tum&Yum (or something) at the Central world, but they are not the same.  This restaurant has been in business for 4 years, with one and only location here in the Soi Tonson, which is a pleasant street with the mature pine tree lining up all the way down to the end of the Soi.      

The Tummy Yummy is in a small house, converted into a restaurant.  There is outdoor seating in the backyard.  On the first floor, there are about 10 tables for customers.  On the second floor is a small private room for party of about 10 people.  The location of the Tummy Yummy is not far from the business district, so it is perfect for meeting and company business gathering.  

As I mentioned earlier, there are a variety of selected Thai dishes.  In fact, the dishes are quite traditional but made with the more modern style.  There are not too many items in the menu but inclusive of every category; yum salad, soup, grill, single serving Thai dishes, vegetarian.  At lunch time, the lunch set is available; a 3-course with main dish + dessert + drink for 250++ Baht, to attract the lunch crowd in this business district.  

In the drink menu, there are a few choices of non alcoholic beverages; Juices, ice-blended, sodas, etc.  For herbal drinks, they have lemongrass, roselle, Pandan, and more.  We tried the blended ones; plummy apple and the Lychee, not too sweet, tasted healthy. We also had the basic lime soda.      

The first dish was the Prik Pao Shrimp Noodles - stir fried Shanghai crystal noodles with egg accompanied with fried spicy shrimp and bok choi (220 Baht).  At first glance, this dish didn't look so Thai, more like a fusion dish.  Supposedly this menu is popular one, proudly presented by the good looking restaurant manager.  As you can see in the picture, it is quite an appetizing dish.  The trick is enjoy the three parts together.  I loved the shrimp; its sauce was super tasty. 

Next up was the Spicy Larb Me Cake - sassy minced pork cake seasoned with shallot, rice powder and Thai spices (170 Baht).  Many modern restaurants nowadays include this menu because it is a good and simple choice of appetizer.  The Tummy Yummy did this dish perfectly; there was so much flavor infused inside the fried cake.  The crispy texture outside was amazing.  It was the larb moo compacted into one bite, nicely done. 

The third menu was the Gai Yang - grilled marinated chicken accompanied with house spicy dipping (220 Baht).  This one wasn't anything special, just a typical grilled chicken.  Not to say that it wasn't delicious, the chicken is from Kajanaburi and it was marinated with wonderful flavors.  The chicken was also tender and juicy.  Two dipping sauces coming aside were good enough;  we all enjoyed it no problem.   

Next up was the Yum Ta Wai, a decoration of steamed morning glory, winged bean, bean sprout, carrot, long bean topped with shredded chicken and sesame sprinkle, dressed with a side of peanut sauce (260 Baht).  To be honest, I have never heard of this menu ever before.  However it reminded me of the Praram Longsong, spinach and peanut sauce.  This one has a variety of vegetable assortment.  I highly recommend this menu for veggies lover.  I am sure you can ask to leave out the chicken or get a fried tofu as a substitute.  The peanut sauce was rich and tasty; the vegetables were nicely steamed; all went great together, so it was quite a pleasant dish.  

The last dish was the Yum crispy morning glory - steamed shrimp, minced pork, and squid mixed with shallot, lemon juice and chilies, topped with deep fried morning glory (200 Baht).  This menu is available at nearly every typical Thai restaurants.  Frying the battered morning glory is difficult part.  If it's nice and crispy outside while the green is still fresh and crunchy then it is definitely done right.  The Tummy Yummy again did a great job with this menu.  The dressing was okay, good balance of spicy and sour.  Well done.    

The sweet ending was the dessert of the day, the Roti with coffee ice-cream.  The roti bread was nice and thin.  There was no condense milk.  Only the sugar powder was sufficient.  Contrasting the lightly sweet flavor of the Roti with the coffee ice cream, this dessert was simply fantastic.  Many places would make the roti puffy and crispy but I also like it done this way, firm but thin.    

The Tummy Yummy isn't a renowned restaurant, but it surely is a great place to have quality Thai food in this area.  The homely atmosphere with good food and good service.  Isn't this all we look for in a restaurant.  So, next time you are the area, I would highly recommend this fine Thai restaurant, the Tummy Yummy.   

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