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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sushi Bar Review - Rainbow Roll Sushi - Siam@Siam Hotel

Rainbow Roll Sushi - Japanese Restaurant at Siam @ Siam Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

The Sushi Trend - Sushi continues to be the popular food in Thailand.  Most Japanese restaurants in Bangkok usually don’t mainly focus on just the Maki rolls like in the U.S.  Thai people are familiar with Sashimi more than the westerners.  However there are a few Sushi rolls restaurants, the Rainbow roll Sushi at the Siam @ Siam is one of them.  There used to be another location at the K-Village.  Now already closed down and this is the only one Rainbow Roll Sushi, located at this Luxurious Boutique hotel with the unique, rustic, and colorful interior decorations, across the street from the National Stadium.       

The Rainbow Roll Sushi is a small restaurant.  To categorize it as a Sushi Bar is more appropriate.  You have the choice of sitting in the shop or at the buffet restaurant at the same level, where the dining area is larger and much more comfortable.  The staffs told us that the origin is Tokyo but seems pretty strange to me since I have been to Tokyo and never really seen a Sushi bar that sells only rolls.

At the Rainbow Roll Sushi, there are about 30 different choices of roll; so many sushi roll creations but not as many as the sushi roll restaurant in the States.  I would consider this place to be a Modern Japanese or a Western Japanese, which differs from the authentic Japanese restaurants.  There are a few choices of the typical Japanese dishes but mostly fusion style.  If you look for Sashimi or something more traditional, it is also available.  So, there are plenty of choices of Japanese fish and all.     

Let’s start with the first of many rolls we had on this visit for lunch at the Rainbow Roll Sushi.  The first was the Nickson Roll (350 baht) – made with Unagi.  The flavor of the freshwater eel was prominent here – nicely done.

The second roll was the Ikura and Smoked Salmon Roll (280 baht).  This was a general one that other Sushi Bar would also have available.  The salmon and the Ikura were amazing; rolled in good bite size and very delicious. 

 The third roll was the Dragon Roll (450 baht).  I am not sure why it’s more expensive than other rolls since it only had simple ingredients like Avocado and the ebiko.  It must be the Unagi rolled in the center.  All ingredients were great together; good variety of flavors.  I’d recommend this one.

The fourth one was the Korean Roll (250 baht) – Its ingredients were obviously Korean; the Kimji, the eggplant, and the Korean red paste.  If I didn’t know the name, I could easily guess that it is Korean by nationality.  This roll came in a big bite and traditionally Japanese only enjoy the whole at once, not to be split.  We served ourselves a mouthful of it.  The Kimji and the sauce were tasty. 

The fifth dish was the Scallop and Avocado Spicy Mayo Roll (530 baht).  I am a big fan of Hotate but never really had a Hotate roll like this.  The scallop completely wrapped around the roll.  With the brush of sriracha sauce and the avocado, everything came together wonderfully.   

The sixth dish was the Beef Tataki Roll (350 baht).  Its presentation was super appetizing for meat lovers like me.  The meat, the sauce, and the green topping appeared fabulous.  However, the flavor was rather disappointing.  There lacked a focus in flavor.  It was one of the least favorite on the table.  We also had two more rolls.  One of them was a basic Salmon with Avocado, but I am not sure what it was called.  It looks very much like a rainbow rolls.  The other one was a distinctive one; a marriage of Thai and Japan culture.  It came with chopped roasted chilies and the crispy fried basil.  It surely had the spice kick you would find it Thai food.  It was an awesome dish.  I liked the creativity about it. 

We also had the Salmon Skin Salad (270 baht), served in a huge bowl looking grande and special.  The vegetable mix and the salmon fillet were amazing but the dressing was just a bit mild; lacked focus in tastes.  I also thought that the Salmon skin had the burnt smell.  I mean overall it was alright, just not impressive. 

The sweet ending of this Sushi roll lunch was very western.  It was martini glass full of cubes of Chocolate homemade.  It was rich of cocoa flavor.  I really liked it.  No doubt, it was definitely made with real good chocolate.    

The Rainbow Roll Sushi is a good contemporary Japanese restaurant serving creative choices of maki rolls.  There was only one chef making our rolls one after another.  When consider this type of sushi bar restaurant, this is possibly one of the most impressive one.  If you are new to Japanese sushi and sashimi, this is a great place to start.  I bet you will fall in love with the fantasy of modern Japanese sushi.  

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