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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bishamon Japanese Restaurant Review, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Bishamon Japanese Ramen and Dining 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

The Bishamon is located at the Sukhumvit 42/1 on the property of the Driving Range Tee Off.  The sign of the restaurant may not be as noticeable so you should look for the Tee Off sign.  The location is between the BTS Prakanong and Ekamai.  If you are driving there parking is available at the driving range.

In general, the Bishamon is Japanese restaurant serving a great variety of Japanese food.  In the menu, there are so many choices such as zensei, salad, sushi, maki, ramen, yakitori, steak, tempura, and katsu. Personally I am not so fond of restaurants with too many selection in the menu.  Many people may like the variety.  It is good for a larger group of friends to go because different people may like different types of dishes.  Often times restaurants with a lot of dishes in menu can't really make all the dishes great.  I usually prefer the restaurants with lesser items in the menu since they can focus and make the fewer choices all great.  For the Bishamon, we will see how they do it.

We ordered a few recommended dishes from the bible menu.  The first one was the Bishamon Salad.  It was a good salad; fresh vegetables and tasty dressing.  There is crispy fried potatoes on top to give the different texture for the salad.  This was a nice and refreshing start.

The second dish was the Mentai Gyuza.   It was quite a fancy gyuza with the mentaiko or shrimp eggs mixed with mayonaise on top.  The presentation was eye catching, unlike the typical gyuza or dumplings we usually see.  Normally I like the pan fried ones but this one was steamed and it was delicious with the sauce atop.  I liked it.

The third dish was the Sapporo Miso Ramen.  This size bowl was big enough for a guy to have for lunch.  The broth was tasty and the contexts given in the ramen was a good variety; corn, cabbage, bamboo shoots, seaweed, on-sen egg, and chachu pork.  The on-sen egg was perfectly done with the yolk partly runny.  The noodles were thick and gummy.  The chachu was cut thick but a bit too dry.  Overall it was a good ramen.

The fourth dish was the Sutamina Shoyu Ramen.  Seeing it in distant, it was like a mount of snow but actually it was a huge pile of cabbage.  With all the other dishes, I knew that it was impossible to finish everything in that bowl.  The broth wasn't as tasty as the Miso one but other ingredients were just as good.  The noodles were a bit difficult to reach underneath all the cabbage.

The fifth dish was the Tempura Roll.  The presentation was amazing with the Tempura flakes and the Mentaiko covered the rice roll.  For what was rolled, I thought there was not enough avocado or the shrimp was too small.  When I ate it, I felt that the rice was too overwhelming.  My friend liked it though but I thought it was so so.  The crunchy tempura flakes were a nice add on to the dish.

The last dish was the Yakitori.  It came with five skewers of chicken and pork variety.  There are bacon with asparagus, bacon with mushroom, marinated pork belly, chicken thigh, and seasoned ground chicken.  All of them were pretty delicious.  It must be the glazing of sweet soy sauce over them.  I wish I had a beer with this, should be really enjoyable.

Well, overall the Bishamon Japanese ramen and dining was satisfying.  Despite the large menu, we happened to get the good ones.  I was most impressed with the yakitori but for sushi it was very basic.  I didn't get to try the sashimi, so I can't tell you about the quality of the fish.  I believe it is about standard, not premium grade like the flagship Uomasa (under the same brand).  If you are a golfer, come for a practice at the Tee Off and the Bishamon would be a convenient choice for lunch or dinner. For me, I would come here for the beer and the yakitori any time. The price is reasonable so it wouldn't be a bad choice at all if you are looking for a Japanese restaurant with a complete choices of specialty.

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