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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zuma Japanese Restaurant Review - St Regis Hotel, Bangkok

Zuma - Japanese Contemporary Izakaya Restaurant at St. Regis Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

Zuma - St. Regis, Bangkok on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

We were invited to try out the new menu of the Zuma - St. Regis Bangkok.  We have reviewed the Zuma a few times before, so we won't talk so much about the restaurant.  These menu reviewing today are brand new, not priced yet.  Supposedly they should be priced around the same range as the older menus.

Beef tartar with crispy nori toast, fresh shiso and garlic chips - I really love beef tartare to begin with, so this menu was definitely my favorite.  Good beef, quite tender and the mixture for the flavors were tasty  for me.  The garlic chips were alright but the nori was rather awkward.  Honestly, the beef tartare was good all by itself.

Pork belly salad with cabbage and sesame ponzu dressing - Thinly sliced cabbage was puffy and crispy but the bacon wrapping it could be more charred, so it would have the texture and the aroma.  I did like the sauce to an extend, sort of like the typical sesame ponzu with the Thai spices.

Cold crab somen noodle salad with spicy leon dressing - I liked the somen and the crab very much.  Its presentation was mouthwatering.  Though, the sauce lacked focus; it was sour and salty mostly.  It had a hint of sesame oil.

Salmon Avocado & Spicy tuna maki - I have had this roll a couple of times already.  They had it this menu on the Valentine's day special.  Simply done but super  delicious.  Fresh ingredients as usual for the Zuma.

Rockshrimp tempura, chili mayo and fresh lime - Looked very much like a hi-so shrimp popcorn.  So tasty, it was the best shrimp popcorn I had ever had in my life.  Slight salty and crispy outside and soft with the spongy shrimp texture inside.  Tempura of the Zuma Japanese restaurant has always been fantastic.  Perfectly fried, served with Chili mayo and lime made it even more delicious.  Like! The Zuma possibly has the best Tempura fryer in town, if we exclude the traditional Tempura like the Misato or Mugendai.  

Chicken Teriyaki - This menu has been in the menu of the Zuma but I never had it before.  The chicken was super tender, the skin had herbal glazing.  It was served with Thai style dipping sauce but it was made with soy sauce, so it tasted a bit different.  The chicken was totally enjoyable without the sauce.  

Barbecued pork ribs with spicy cashew nuts and spring onions - The flavor of this ribs was just perfect. It reminded me of the baked grilled ribs with sweet barbecue.  This menu was lipsmacking good.  Also came with the fresh lime to cut the sweetness of the marinade covered the ribs.  Compared to ribs in Western restaurants that are always smothered in the sauce, this one was much simpler and more oriental.

Pirikara kani miso - spicy crab miso soup - It was a miso soup with the strong spicy flavor and the smell of the crab.  It was good because it was served hot.  If considered the taste, it was rather confusing.  It didn't have to be so strong spicy.

Tiger prawn skewers with sour shiso dip - small tiger prawns were partially de-shelled, skewered, and grilled.  The whole thing was edible; heads and tails were crispy.  I actually liked the creamy shiso dip. It was nice and light.

Passionfruit and chocolate cake with tonka bean ice cream - The chocolate cake was firm and to mix with the passionfruit, its mixing flavor was not the best but if you like the sourness of the passionfruit, this menu will be memorable.

Jasmine cream, genmai cha biscuit, sake poached apple and jasmine ice cream - The jasmine ice-cream smelled great with the flowery scent.  At the bottom was the panna cotta that matched so well with the ice-cream.  Fabulous dessert!

Chocolate Lava - This one was rich and really tasteful, served warm.  the cake was firm and the lave was warm and soft.  Perfectly done.

The new menu of the Zuma Japanese restaurant was surely impressive.  Every dish were presented beautifully, creatively done.  The unique tastes of the mixture between Western and Japanese cuisine can be charming and at the same time challenging to please the customers seeking traditional cuisine.  Personally, I liked the originality and how Chef Patrick of the Zuma Bangkok is dare to come up with cool new style contemporary Japanese culinary.  Check out the Zuma Japanese Restaurant Bangkok, the classy and trendy eating spot in town.    

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