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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kyo Roll En Japanese Dessert Review - Gateway Ekamai, Bangkok

Kyo Roll En at the GATEWAY Ekamai

Overall Score  8/10

Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

The Kyo Roll En is a Japanese style dessert shop features mostly roll cakes and soft creams.  A friend of mine who is very picky about his dessert choices recommended me.  He boasted so much about and telling how he took his girls friend there two days in a roll and this and that.  Well, that persuasion was enough to urge me to go try it out for myself.  
At the Gateway Ekamai, on the BTS level floor, there are so many Japanese restaurants.  The Kyo Roll En is sitting among them, being the outstanding choice for Japanese style sweets.  The cake shop is decorated simple with bright color wood tone.  Small kitchen is set off in the back.  In the front is the quick serve area of beverages and soft creams with the colorful roll cakes showing in the glass case.  There are seating at this level as well as a loft up the stairs.  I chose to sit at the second level.  The seating seemed to me, more comfortable and with privacy.  Part of the decor is black and white, reminded me of the milk cows.  The atmosphere was nice and simple; modern and fun.

A bit of knowledge about the management of the Kyo Roll En.  This company owns Sfree, Parferio, Sfree JR, Aldy's Coffee Lite, and Safari World.  For this line of business, Kyo Roll En is their first of the Japanese style dessert.  Personally, I first thought that this cake shop was a franchise brand from Japan.  But, it is an all new brand with the imported dessert concept from Japan.   

One interesting concept about the Kyo Roll En is their Take Sumi addition to the roll cake and soft cream.  A piece of info on the table shares, "Consumed since the ancient times, bamboo charcoal is widely-used for purifying and self-healing due to its high porosity and detoxifying abilities.  Uber-healthy, bamboo charcoal is also rich in minerals and is environmentally-friendly."  One other ingredient that we are already familiar with, Matcha or green tea.  The info on the table also shares, Finest ground, milled, premium green tea from Uji region, Kyoto.  Up to 137 times higher in cancer deterring antioxidant than other green tea, Matcha, whose whole tea leaf is ingested, also helps boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol and moderate mental stress.  This two ingredients are the two main flavors of the Soft creams.       
On this visit, I got to try a few menus.  Let me tell you one by one. There are quite a good variety in this Japanese dessert at lunch time.  In the Roll cake section, the many flavors are here below.  The roll cakes were looking so yummy and colorful, priced between 85 - 105 Baht.    
- Kuro Roll - This is the one made with the Take Sumi, the bamboo charcoal.  Its color is all black with the white cream and the Kuromame (beans) as stuffing.  I loved the texture of the cake; soft and fine.      
- Kyo Roll - Original style with Vanilla flavor and custard cream stuffing.  Nicely done, reminded me of my childhood yam roll but a lot better.  
- Gion Roll - This is the green one with the green tea flavor with good looking stuffing, mixture of white cream and fresh strawberries.   
- Milky Roll - Its appearance was the coolest one, the milk cow pattern.  I actually liked this one the most because of its pronounce milky flavor.  

- Ichigo Roll - With its pink color, the girls will love this one.  It had a slightly tangy or yogurt like flavor, quite nice.  

With a couple of friends, we also got a few more rolls; Valrhona Roll; Passion Roll; Tsujiri Roll.  These I didn't get to try though but all looking delightful.  

The roll cake can come in a set with the soft cream (Charcoal and Green Tea) and the fresh sour fruits (Kiwi, strawberries, Mango).  Ordering the roll cake in a set is much better than having the cake alone.  Anyways, I could only have like one or two whole piece of the cake because of its big size.    

Next up was the Matcha Deluxe Parfait - This one is for green tea lover.  We have all kinds of greens in this tall glass.  At the bottom is the Panna Cotta to compliment with the green tea flavor.  For me, too much green tea.  I had enough of it. 
The Goma was another parfait style served in a glass.  Layers and the color tone of the black and white gave this one a very classy look.  In this glass, we have charcoal jelly, vanilla soft cream, sesame seeds, and wafer. The variety of what was added here came together in unison.  I loved this one a lot, must be the sesame. 

Best choice for this summer would probably be the Kakigori.  This one is the icy mount with mango sauce and fresh mango.  If you love Mango, you can't miss this one.  It was cold, sweet, and super refreshing; can easily be served outdoor. 
The Sumi Matcha Anmitsu.  This menu was served in a bowl with the soft cream sitting grand in the middle.  All over the side was cover with the all kinds of toppings; matcha jelly, milk jelly, strawberry, oranges, red beans, and Kuromame.  On the side was black honey for more sweet as well.    

To finish up we had the Milk Azuki Monaga and the Hot Marron Latte.  The Milk Azuki Monaga was a waffle with ice cream stuffed inside.  The ice cream was basic but the fact that it was inside the waffle was amazing, contrasting of textures.  The Latte was smooth with light nutty aroma, easy to drink, perfect with cold dessert. 
All in all, the desserts at the Kyo Roll En were enjoying.  Many creative menus that I have never had anywhere. The roll cakes were fantastic.  The atmosphere was plain but more comfortable than most cafes.  If you like this style of Japanese dessert, check it out.  I am sure the girls will like it, the Kyo Roll En at the Gateway Ekamai. 

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