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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Smoothie Secrett Review - The Nine, Bangkok

Smoothie Secrett - Japanese Drink Smoothies and Dessert Bar at The Nine Community Mall, Rama IX Rd., Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Smoothies Secrett - Drinks and Dessert Bar on BumRes.com

The Smoothies Secrett is a cute and tiny little Smoothie and Sweet shop at the Nine - Large community mall on the Rama IX road.  The Smoothies Secrett is a franchise brand from Japan.  In Thailand, it is managed by the Boonrod Brewery or Singha.  Not sure how many branches there are in Bangkok.  This particular one at the Nine is a small one, hold up to about 15 people maximum.  The concept promotes order the smoothies and take away.  For dessert items, customers can sit in, the higher ceiling gave the spacious feel for a small seating area, and the waffle making smell may make you feel appetizing.       

The decoration inside the Smoothies Secrett is playful with the mural of cute characters and Japanese writing and the pouring of the smoothies to the menu on the wall.  I was told that the interior designer is the same as the Ifitis, a chic little cafe at the Sukhumvit Soi 38.  In this sweet shop, Smoothies are the Highlight along with other dessert items.  The desserts are a creative fusion with the western influence, like waffle and ice cream.  The character of the Smoothies Secrett is clear, the concept of secret in the formula of the smoothie.  The logo is the hole for a key but like a cup shape with a straw.    

To drink, we tried three selections. 

- Hokkaido Pink 89฿ Coming in bright pink color, it had a mixture of pink color fruits and the secret addition.  

- Oriental Secret 89฿ The color is orange, so orange was surely one of the ingredient, it had the slightly tangy flavor.  Again, added the special secret that we are so curious to know. 

- Cool 2 Heart 89฿ This one was in bright minty green.  Looking at it and holding it in hands, it already made me feel refreshing.  Taking a slurp through the straw even made me for delightful.  

These smoothies were definitely best for cooling down in the hot summer sun of Bangkok.  Comparing the tastes of these three colorful choices.  I liked the green one the most, the Cool 2 Heart.  The Pink was also good.  These two were a close match, both equally enjoyable.  Not to blame on the taste of the Orange one,  some of you may actually like it also.  Well, they all sure did the job in terms of quenching the thirst.  

For desserts, we had two choices. 
- Hokkaido Holiday 99฿ Basically this one was the soft cream topped with the fresh fruits; apple, strawberries, and banana.  At first glance it was similar to the Red Mango except the Smoothies Secrett had the softcream not the yogurt.  Lots of fresh fruits was amazing.  The softcream was perfectly sweet and rich, japanese style. 

- Shibuya waffle 159฿ Scoops of vanilla ice-creams were sitting on top of two blocks of waffle and on the side was the banana.  If you had gone to the After You, you would know the Shibuya Honey Toast.  I am not sure if this has anything to do with the Shibuya Waffle at the Smoothies Secrett.  Here, the waffles and the ice-creams were great together, warm waffle and cold ice-cream.  The size is intimidating for health conscious customers but you might end up finishing it without knowing.  

Well, the Smoothies Secrett is a good place to cool down on the shopping sunday at the Nine.  Girls, don't be reluctant to walk in and grab a cup of smoothie.  Be sure not to get attracted by the Shibuya waffle, lol... try to settle for something with less calories like the Hokkaido Holiday.  

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