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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farm Design Dessert Review - The Nine, Bangkok

Farm Design - Japanese Cheesecake and Dessert Bar at The Nine, Rama IX Rd., Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   2/5

Farm Design - Japanese Dessert Bar on BumRes.com

This is a short review of the Farm Design, a dessert shop that concentrates on the Japanese style Cheesecake.  I am sure that some of you may already know about this place.  There are 6 locations throughout Bangkok.  Some are a full option dessert shop and others are selling over a counter for take home.  This review is on the Farm Design at The Nine, which is a complete shop with tables and sit-in area.    

The main product of the Farm Design is the Cheesecake and cheesecake.  With about 20 different selections, each one cost around 100 Baht.  If you want a 2 lbs size, it costs about 850 - 1,050 Baht.  For the drink section, there are common choices, no specialized beverages like having the cheesecake. 

We ordered 3 choices on this visit. 

- Lemon Cheesecake (120 Baht)  With the slightly sour flavor infused throughout, this cheesecake was absolutely delicious.  It had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.  Beside the beautiful flower pattern on the face, at the core was the lemon cream filling that was a nice add-on character to this cheesecake.   

- Choco Moooo Cheesecake ( 105 Baht)  I believe this one was their flagship selection.  It had the milk cow pattern in which happened to follow the concept of the logo, the milk cow with sunglasses.  This one was also delicious but different from the first one, being chocolaty; contrasting of bitter and sweet.   

- Classic Cheesecake (95 Baht) The most basic cheesecake of the Farm Design, original style cheesecake.  Simply enjoyable, nothing fancy, like the name - Classic Cheesecake by Farm Design. 

To drink, we had the ice blended milk, iced choco, and iced milky green tea.  All of them cost just less than  100 Baht, somewhat reasonable for the quality and taste.  

The Farm Design is a good spot to get the Japanese style cheesecake.  You will find many choices of cheesecake.  Some of the cheesecakes that I didn't try were looking amazing.  So next time you happened to be at The Nine, the Farm Design is a wonderful place to satisfy your sweet cravings.       

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