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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shaka' Restaurant Review - Aree, Bangkok

Shaka' - Spaghetti & Salad House at Aree Soi 2, Bangkok

Overall Score  7.5/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Sha Ka' - Spaghetti & Salad House on BumRes.com (For more pictures and menu)

In the Soi Aree area, there are so many restaurants opened up; turning this part of town into a restaurant district.  For the Shaka', I never knew that it even existed in the Aree area until a friend recommended.  The restaurant has been around for sometime and just recently renovated.  

The Shaka' is in the Soi Aree 2.  Drive on the Phaholyothin 5 and then go in to Soi Aree 2 for about 50 meters, the restaurant is on the left hand side.  It is a small restaurant like a cafe with the hip and colorful decorating style.  The owner is a big bicycle fan, so a few are hung up on the wall as a decor.  Shaka' defined themselves as the Shaka' Spaghetti & Salad House.  There is a variety of fusion style food served; spaghetti, salad, and appetizers; mostly light and easygoing menus.  

There are not as many selections of beverages such as coffee and tea in the menu like the typical cafe.  Instead, they have Thai herbal juices; Roselle, Butterfly pea, Bael, etc. as the healthy choices of refreshment.  If you ride a bike to eat there, you will get a welcome drink for free.  The food at Shaka isn't that expensive, around 100 - 200 Baht but the portion isn't as big. 

To begin, we had the smoked ham salad in wasabi dressing - 180 Baht.  It was a simplest green salad with onions, cherry tomatoes, and cube cut ham.  This salad came with two types of dressing; balsamic and wasabi.  The wasabi didn't even have the hint of green color.  My friend didn't know it, so he put a lot on the salad.  It was quite strong; good dressing. 

Spicy seafood salad with glass noodles (150 Baht) - The glass noodle is made by Elephant yam.  The noodle is fatter than the usual thin glass noodles that we often find at Thai restaurants.  The seafood were large and the noodles were good but the spicy dressing wasn't as intense as it should be for being the Yum style.          

French Fries with bacon and egg (150 Baht) - It was a fatter cut of processed french fries topped with eggs (runny yolk).  The bacon was a great addition.  This menu was simply done, enjoyable and a perfect snack.   

Spaghetti shrimp sauteed with shrimp paste (190 Baht) - This dish was pretty delicious.  The pasta was more like an angel hair than a spaghetti.  Nicely sauteed, not too saucy and the pasta was somewhat al dante.  The shrimps were nice and plummy.  We got four of the shrimps; quite generous for only 190 Baht.  Mix this shrimp up with the pasta and this dish to good to go.    

Fresh spring roll with tuna (120 Baht) - A vietnamese dish could fit in the Asian fusion section of the menu at Shaka.  The stuffing was full of fresh lettuce and tuna.  Instead of just lettuce,  there could be come cucumber or some other veggies, so it would offer more texture to the spring roll.  I like the presence of ebiko mixing with the lettuce.  Well, I still enjoyed it, especially with the sweet chili dipping sauce.  

Penne with river prawn in cream sauce (200 Baht) - The penne was perfectly cooked, not too soft.  The prawn was de-shelled with the head full of fat on the side.  I wish the creamy sauce could be thicker.  It was average good.  The exciting part was the prawn's head. 

The dessert for lunch was the Chocolate Lava (120 Baht) - One of the only so few dessert choices in the menu.  The standard quality chocolate lava was as good as what you would get at the After You or other cake shops in Bangkok.  Good point about this one must be the price.  

The Shaka was a chill little cafe style food shop with a few cool menus.  Just as what they set themselves to be, spaghetti and salad were their expertise; and I think they are good at what they do.  For bicyclers in the area, the Shaka is a perfect place for a pit stop.  I was told that on the weekends they have a group of bicycler coming together.  And on the weekdays evening, local farangs like to come by for a quick dinner.  Well, grab your bike and ride there for free Thai herbal drinks.   

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