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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smith Restaurant Review - Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok

Smith European Restaurant (Sister restaurant of Hyde & Seek) at Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Smith - European Restaurant on BumRes.com

Located not too far into the Soi Sukhumvit 49, the Smith is serving a handful selection of fusion style food in what we could call the Molecular Gastronomy.  The front of the restaurant is difficult to notice, hidden behind the rugged looking corrugated tin facade.  Supposed to have the industrial look, to me it looked like a houses in the slum, except this one has fancy cars parked in the front.  I heard that this is a sister restaurant of the Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar by Chef Ian Kittichai, our Iron Chef for Modern Cuisine.  About the name of this restaurant, I believe it came from the blacksmith since the logo looks like a blacksmith hammering something but it actually a butcher with a big knife.  That's why the concept is industrial style with the rustic feel.  This interior design is more popular these days, must be the simplicity.  On the wall behind the bar, series of beer tabs are attached to the wall; pretty cool idea. 

Since the Smith is the Sister restaurant of the Hyde and Seek Gastro Bar, the food selections have a bit of influence, like the famous pork belly, the burger, and the large plates with modern presentation.  On this visit, the menu was still printed on A4 papers, not a full color printed menu.  There were too many choices, about 20 items.  The Hyde & Seek also doesn't have too many dishes, possibly just a few more than the Smith.  I supposed the actual menu won't have many more than what I saw.     

To be honest, the many dishes that we ordered weren't that outstanding at all.  The food looked somewhat original and creative to an extend but they just taste rather ordinary compared to the Hyde & Seek.  Let me list the items that we ordered; Fried Egg Salad (180 Baht) , Tuna + Braised Pig's Tail & Foie Gras Torchon (250 Baht) , 65/65 egg, crispy capers & garden herbs (250 Baht) , Half Pan of Sausages (210 Baht) , Lightly Smoked Salmon (395 Baht) , Verjus Glazed Pork Belly (350 Baht), Slow-roasted lamb ribs (1.5 kg 2,350 Baht), Black Label Burger (450 Baht).  All of these dishes coming to the table were absolutely eyewidening.  All of them had good quality ingredients.  I liked a couple of them more; the Pork Belly and the Black Burger.  These two were nicely done.  The lamb ribs was huge and pricey; some part of it could be more tender.  Other dishes were plain simple; enjoyable but not a culinary excitement.  

For desserts, we had three items; Baked Alaska (220 Baht), Eton Mess (180 Baht), Banana Split (180 Baht).  The feeling of having the desserts was similar to having the main dishes.  Breathtaking appearance but tasted quite ordinary.  Overall impression about the Smith Restaurant at Sukhumvit 49 was just alright.  Cool atmosphere, beautiful looking food, fair service, and simple food.  So, if I were to choose to pay a little bit more to get a more delicious meal, I would go to the Hyde & Seek instead.  With the brew choices and the happy hour promotion being offered, the Smith could be a good choice for some people.  

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