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Saturday, November 3, 2012

French Restaurant Review, d'Orsay at the Portico Langsuan, Bangkok

d'Orsay - French Restaurant at The Portico Langsuan Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

d'Orsay - French Restaurant on BumRes.com

In the past few months I have been going to a few French restaurants in Bangkok but most of them didn’t impress me as much, in terms of the flavoring.  I don’t know if it’s my Thai palate or what, but fortunately I still found a few delicious French joints, such as Indigo @ Convent road, Chez Pape @ Sukhumvit 11 (a French bistro, homemade style), and this one that I am reviewing now, the D’Orsay @ The Portico Langsuan.  This French restaurant, the D’Orsay is quite new since it has only been in business for about 7 months (The same time that the Portico Community Mall opened).  The D’Orsay is located on the third floor.  There are both indoor with A/C and open air seating on the terrace.  For being in the community mall, the classy atmosphere was wonderful with the wall murals and the bar at the center.  The view of the night light of the buildings nearby also made the atmosphere special.  The service was great; attentive and caring.  

To be honest, I never thought about going to this place at all because I have come by the here during lunch time and the place was almost empty, which I thought that it would be a good location for the office crowd at midday.  The fact that I kind of thought that it was expensive also kept me second thought about trying it out.  About two weeks ago I found a couple of good reviews of the D’Orsay.  Each reviewer seemed to be so fond of the place, so I had to check it out for myself. 

I got to talk to the owner who was a Thai origin but lived in France for over 20 years.  He told me that the food was inspired by a variety of French style cooking that he had experienced during his time in France.  In general French cuisine is divided into four main levels; Café > Bistro > Brasserie > Restaurant.  I asked the owner which level would his food fall into and he didn’t know.  In my opinion, it would be about a Brasserie to a Restaurant level.  There weren’t too many selections in the menu, about 20 items.  Not know much about French; when I looked at the name, I had no idea what the food would look like when it comes out.  I only knew that the selections weren’t cheap for me, lol… (Standard price for most French restaurants in Bangkok, I guess)     

The meal began with the cold beer, the Schneider Weisse –Berline White Beer, which tasted rich and smooth.  I don’t think I have seen this brand anywhere in Thailand but I’m sure that it can be found elsewhere also.  The Happy Hour is Monday and Tuesday from 17.30 to 21.30; three for two specials for the selected choices.  My friends and I happened to be there on Monday, so of course we didn’t miss the promotion. 

The second dish was a popular one, the Moules en persellade – Steamed mussels in pernod, garlic, butter, and parsie (890 baht).  Basically it was mussels in a bucket, which were so amazing.  Its light flavor was just right and so savory.  The mussels were from Spain I remember; they were so fresh and tasty.  My friends and I couldn’t stop fighting for them.  The mussels at D’Orsay also came with French fries, which was an incredible hand food on the side.  It was such a Happy Meal to have the mussels in bucket to enjoy with the good German beer.  

The third menu at the D’Orsay was the main course.  This choice was what I had seen in other’s review.  The Filet Mignon d’Agneau aux herbes  - Australian lamb eye of loin with its herbs crust (945 baht).  What a tasty lamb meat it was, grilled to about medium.  The fillet’s skin was covered in herb and some crisp flakes, which added a great contrast of texture to the lamb meat.  On the side were the mushroom and asparagus nicely sautéed.   

The fourth dish at the D’Orsay was the Plat de Cote de boeuf mijote – 45 hrs slow cooked Australian short rib in red wine 500 g (1,025 baht).  The meat was unbelievably tender with the redness at the core.  Good sauce and good veggies side just like this earlier dish.  Quality meat; it is all I could say.

The fifth dish at the D’orsay, the last main course, Legine Australe Fumee – Pan seared Chilean seabass smoked with cherry wood (675 baht).  It was the Snowfish steak; white, fine textured, and puffy; must be sous vide possibly.   We needed a more tasteful special sauce here to compliment the fish here, I thought.  However, the fish still fantastic with just the rich yellow creamy paste underneath all. 

To end this (costly) French meal at the D’Orsay @ Portico Langsuan, we had the Profiteroles (195 baht), which was also as impressive, no less than earlier meat dishes.   The presentation was stunning, arranged tall with nice dimension.  Ice-cream, the flour, and the cream; all were not too sweet and yet so great altogether.

For the pricey French meal for a party of three at the d’Orsay @ The Portico Langsuan, I honestly couldn’t complain a thing about.  My point of view of French cuisine changed a bit.  I don’t know if it’s the Thai owner who made the difference in French cooking, but I sure enjoyed his creations.   Let me know what you all think about this place once you have tried.   

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