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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iron Fairies & Co - Wine bar and Restaurant, Thonglor

Iron Fairies - Pub with Burgers and Snacks @ Thonglor, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3.5/5

The Iron Fairies - Pub and Restaurant on BumRes.com

The second best burger in town summoned my cravings to prove its latest prize.  CNNGO ranked the burger at Iron Fairies to be the runner up in Thailand.  Being a real fan of fine burgers, I could not turn down the invitation.  When I first heard the name, I found it very intriguing.   So, I searched for it online and found that the original is in New York.  IRON FAIRIES & CO, “Deep beneath the garden’s ground, lay a labyrinth of tunnels where people abound” This is the slogan of the mysterious burger joint.  There was a dark and mystifying image of this restaurant that magnetized my journey to a discovery. 

Three locations of the Iron Fairies are on the face of this planet; New York, Perth, and Bangkok.  I was closest to the one in Bangkok, so we didn’t hold the hunger for burgers for long enough.  My friend and I went there within a couple of days after founding the announcement of CNNGO.  

We parked the car at the Grass on Thonglor 12.  We walked along the Thonglor, not knowing exactly where it was, nor having any imagination of how the restaurant was resided on the Thonglor road.  In my mind I pictured a fancy standalone structure or a castle like facility.  Then we found the entrance with the sign marking the name, Iron Fairies & Co.  Is it really this place? , I thought to myself.  An old and rusty wooden façade of a townhome looked like a Grandpa’s antique store or a workshop.  It wasn’t the most welcoming appearance of the home of the second best burger.  The concept of mystery and antique reminded me and made me believe that we were at the right place.  A lovely face greeted us at the front door and walked us into the darkest dungeon.   This place was so dark and finitely confined.  Decorated with works of blacksmith and antique furniture defined and emphasized the feel of a cold and dark hours of the late Medieval period.  We were so overwhelmed by the strong character of this burger and cocktail joint. 

Iron Fairies was the mascot, to me, it complied a sense of an indestructible beauty that could not be easily created; a something that takes great effort, patience, and craftsmanship to prosper.  Fairies, as we all know is a mythical creature that has ethereal magically abilities.  At this place, they have many Fairies (like 30 of them) in their folklore.  Each of them are named and characterized, as you can play and explore their lovely story in the name tags that are found on the counter in the middle of the ground floor.  A pile of iron fairies were also there for you to hold and to have (for 660 Baht for one).  I was literally speaking of the actual Fairy shaped as an iron sculpture.  

More than half of the two sided page slate menu of Iron Fairies & Co was covered with the drink list.  I assumed that all were alcoholic beverages; variety of draft beers, bottled beers, wines, spirits, and fancy cocktails.  I had to pick myself a shot of the Absinthe Flying Potion, which was the Absinthe Sour (Yellow/ Green).  I had the green.  Absinthe was introduced to me by friends from Czech Republic.  They brought to me as a gift from Eastern Europe.  In the United States, some Absinthes were actually illegal due to its potency as well as its illusion affects.  However its natural flavor will hypnotize you to a fuzzy paradise.  This kind of alcohol is in fact a hallucinogenic drug if consumed to a proper quantity.  I didn’t abuse the drink so I managed to not meet the Fairies in person.

Regarding our hunger for burgers, we didn’t take long to decide.  My friend was quick with the menu; he took the manliest burger, the Fat Gut’s Beef Burger.  I had to pick a different one.  So, I went with the less masculine, the Coli’s Tropical Burger.  The pineapple in a burger, a tropical remark was a bit feminine.  It was my first time but I enjoyed it very much.  The fried egg fitted in with the fruit and the juicy beef patty to my surprise.  First bite recalled a hearty breakfast on as island.  The buns must have been made here.  The buns were brittle yet filling, did their job covering the oversized patty and all other goodies with kindness.  Honestly, toward the end of the dream, I couldn’t hang on to my whole burger, the goodies fell off.  I couldn’t blame on the Absinthe, could I? My buddy’s manly burger came with the bacon strips and onions.  He didn’t talk too much once he had his hands on the Grande manhood (Fat Gut Burger).  There is no word that could describe better than a genuine act.  Our burger cravings were taken care of.  We couldn’t agree any less with the judgment by CNNGO except to find out where the best burger in town is at.

There were a total of thirteen dishes in the food menu.  We had almost half of all the choices here at Iron Fairies & Co.  Our other dishes we had on side were Tuna Avocado Salad, Tiger Prawn, Wedges of fried Potatoes, and the Old Man Sam’s Shepard’s Pie. 

Tuna Avocado Salad was nothing special.  This dish could be seen in typical restaurant.  Fried wedges of potatoes were tasty and interesting compared to the usual French fries.  I have always liked this type of fries because they have a real sense of potatoes, unlike the fries you find in fast food chained restaurants.  By the way, these wedges were a great compliment of the burgers.  We were big eaters, so after we had all the mentioned above we still had room in our stomach.  The next one was the Beer battered prawns.  The golden batter was really crispy and the prawns were big and fresh.  We got so many of them for the reasonable price (190 Baht).  It was like joke that they served these high class prawns with the Thai sweet chili sauce (meant for fried chicken).  I wish they could come up with a more pleasing and unique sauce.  I suggest a Spicy Tequila, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce with a hint of mustard.  Our last dish on the table was the Old Man Sam’s Shepard’s Pie.  This was a sautéed ground meat with tomatoes and veggies that had a mix of cheese and shredded potatoes to cover on top, baked to brown.  At first we thought it was very similar to a Lasagna but then I kept thinking .  And I remembered a time with my American friend’s family; they had cooked something like this for me.  They called it meat and potatoes casseroles.  So, this one brought back my memories of a traditional American meal.  Although the taste was so intense that last bites were kind of salty.  Overall, the sides were good.  We were really satisfied with all the food. 

The one of kind experience at the Iron Fairies will be memorable.  The dark and mysterious atmosphere could be disturbing to some people but not for me.  I even thought that darkness limited my visual but enhanced my other senses, like the taste buds.  This place could get packed later in the night since they have so many attractive cocktails and the wine list.  I really believe that this place would be quite lively and spiritual with the crowd.  There are no reservation privileges; you will have to come earlier or wait in queue.  Here they limit the capacity at 55 heads.  I recommend the Iron Fairies to everyone who likes eating their burger in the dark – LOL…

Btw, owners are the same as Fat Gutz and Seenspace

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