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Friday, November 9, 2012

Exhibit Cafe Review - Thai & European Restaurant - Soi Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok

Exhibit Cafe @ Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok 
Authentic Thai food and Pastas

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

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Specialized in Thai cooking and Pastas, the Exhibit café @ Sukhumvit 31 surprisingly matched the remarkable sides of both Thai and Italian cuisine superbly on the same dining table.  In the unique décor created by the rustic wooden façade displaying the artistic photographs and the buffed concrete floor, the colorful pillows on the long bench seat against the wall further sets a cozy atmosphere for a nice get-together dinner.

I have translated my friend’s review of this place once before and longed to try it out myself.  Finally the chance had come.  It was early in the evening when I got to the Exhibit café.  I barely missed the beginning of the rush hour traffic in the Sukhumvit area.  Well, the one way traffic of Soi 31usually has a good flow.  The parking lot in front of the restaurant was convenient.   Waitresses greeted with a warm welcome.  I could already sense that the experience would be pleasant. 

Having heard good things about the food at the Exhibit Café from my friend, I was there with a high expectation.  In my knowledge, this place is known to serve delicious authentic Thai dishes and fusion style spaghetti.  To share with one other friend, we ordered three recommended dishes; two spaghetti dishes and one Thai main dish with jasmine rice.     

The first dish was the Crispy Sea Bass Padcha.  Padcha is an intense flavored menu made with a variety of Thai herbal ingredients; basil, young green peppercorn, fresh chilies, kaffir lime leaves, and fingerroot.  The Sea Bass fillet was lightly battered and fried, sautéed in red chili paste and the herbs.  A typical Thai dish that can tell about the Thai chef.  It may sound simple but it isn’t an easy dish to make it great.  Sometimes I would find this menu with fish being too socky with the sauce and other times the flavor of the sauce would be too strong.  But, the Padcha at the Exhibit Café was actually done right to my favor.  I mean it was rich with flavor but not over spiced.  The saucy yet crispy fish over the white rice was just lip smacking good.  Amazing menu; highly recommend.

The two pastas followed the Thai fish dish shortly.  My first bite was the Italian sausage spaghetti with Thai roasted chilies.  This one was a merge of Thai cuisine with the Italian specialty.  The Exhibit Café made it look spicy but it only gave a nice enjoyable zing; the cherry tomato also offered a fresh contrast with the tasty sausage.  It was a good fusion menu. 

The other spaghetti dish was made with shrimp and ebiko, smothered in a white cream sauce; not quite the full on Carbonara style because it wasn’t that cheesy.  Having this pasta with the spicy Thai fish dish was commonly unusual but both didn’t conflict one another at all.  After having the Thai fish, the creamy sauce put eased out the heat wonderfully and vice versa; the spiced chili sauce was more profound.  Yeah, it was a amusing.  The pasta had good contexts.  However, I thought this menu was just ordinary.  

The food was quite tasty overall, definitely above average.  I was very satisfied, especially with the price being so reasonable.  I loved the atmosphere.  Staffs were friendly, so the table service was absolutely stress-free.  During my visit, most of customers were Thai.  I was told that at lunch time this place was the hang out spot for Japanese housewives.  In my opinion, the Exhibit Café @ Soi Sukhumvit 31 is a successful restaurant.  Since their menu offers a wide range of Thai and Western dishes, it is a perfect place to please the party with the diverse preference.  I thought that their quality Thai food was best while the fusion pastas would make table more eclectic.    

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