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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tables European Restaurant Review - Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

The Tables, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok - Ratchadamri road - Tables Signature dinner 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

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The Tables @ Grand Hyatt Erawan is new to me personally.   I have never heard about it at all in the past.  As a matter of fact, I have never really looked up about any restaurants in the Grand Hyatt Erawan at all.  There hasn’t been any reviews about it and other hotel restaurants nearby have been more popular and attracting.  The Tables finally found me and after I got to try the spectacular signature dinner night at the Tables, I wish I had known this restaurant sooner.  The Tables is a great restaurant serving Traditional European with the unique concept and incredible table service. 

The Tables opened for business in 2009.  Compared to other hotel restaurants that have been around for decades, this restaurant is a newcomer and coming strong with the new concept.  At dinner time, there will be kitchen tables in the dining area.  The chefs freshly prepare each dish (appetizers) right before your eyes.  By bringing the kitchen to your table side, you will get to enjoy the cooking show as you dine. 

At lunch time, the Tables has the 3- Course Lunch Set.  I am not sure about the price and what kind of choices they have.  At dinner time, the Tables serves European a la carte menu with several categories to choose from.  The selections in each section of the menu are consisted of eye widening varieties.  The average price is comparable to other fine western restaurants in Bangkok.   

About this meal that I am reviewing, the Tables @ Grand Hyatt Erawan had just came up with the new concept, which is called “Tables Signature Dinner.”  As I mentioned earlier about the dinner concept except on this occasion it is the compilation of signature appetizers; five tables with chef stationing at each one cooking to your order.  You can walk up the station and order it yourself and watch the chef performs or you can order with your waitress at your table.  To have these appetizers as buffet is a great selling point, especially when these are the best appetizers, selected by popularity.  Personally, I doubled each of the appetizers.  All choices were so delicious. 

Five appetizers; Scottish Smoked Salmon – Horseradish, Chives, Sour Cream, and Capers; Serrano Ham from Spain served with Melon (regular price, 470 baht); Caesar Salad – Croutons, Reggiano Parmaesan Bacon (420 baht); Boston Lobster Bisque – Cognac, Chives (850 baht); Champagne Risotto – Black Truffle, Reggiano Parmesan (650 baht).

I started off with the Caesar Salad.  The dressing was individually beaten for each order.  Wonderful start, the dressing tasted amazing with the freshly chopped Romaine lettuce.  The highlight of the appetizers must be the Lobster bisque.  Perfectly heated, rich with seafood flavors, and pieces of Maine lobsters; this soup was To- die-for.  My friends and I each had two or three servings of this soup.  The Champagne Risotto with black truffle couldn’t get any better than this.  Its rich cheese aroma mixed with the freshly grated black truffle sprinkles, the risotto rice became truly precious.  Moreover, each table will get the Seafood on Ice, which includes Oysters, Tiger prawns, NZ mussels.  At this point in time, life was perfect for me.  I really enjoyed the appetizers at the Tables very much.  I don’t know how to put this because if I bragged too much, you wouldn’t believe me.  Just the starters alone, I was so content.      

Now we get to the main course.  Each customer can choose one dish from eight selections in the menu.  For the party of three, the first one was the Steak au Poivre – Tenderloin, Green Peppercorn Sauce (1,100 baht).  The meat was perfectly cooked to medium rare.  I believe the chuck was processed with the Sour vide technique ahead of the time, then quickly grilled to char the outer part.  The meat came with super delicious gravy, lightly salted and spiced with peppercorn.  On the side were mashed potato and sweet pickled carrots.  I insist you to order this dish because it was bluntly fabulous.

Two other main dishes were enjoyable as well, but not as remarkable.  Australian Lamb Chops – Sauteed Potatoes, Green beans (1,180 baht) and Pan fried Sea Bass – fried rice, tomatoes, olives, capers (750 baht).  The Sea Bass had the crispy skin and the tomato sauce complimented the bland flavored fish nicely, though its side of fried rice was boring.  For the lamb chop – its sauce tasted great but the taste of the lamb just didn’t hit the spot.  However, the meat appeared to be grilled properly.  Perhaps it was because we had the Steak au Poivre to compare to. 

After we were finished with the main dishes at the Tables Signature Dinner @ Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, the European Cheese Selection (350 baht) followed Platter.  The cheese platter was great; I liked the sweetened grapes and walnut with it.  Then we had the Tables Dessert Platter.  The chocolate soufflé with raspberry sauce was pretty amazing.  Other choices were alright; delightful with the fruit mix.  My friend seemed by more excited with the cheese more than the desserts.

For the superior feast at the Tables of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, we were overly impressed with the overall experience.  Honestly the food quality at the Tables was well above average and I really liked the signature dinner concept; what a brilliant idea.  For the price of 2,200++ baht, expensive for most people but surely worth it.   Consider that going to an upscale buffet in hotels would cost about same, this new experience is much more classy and the quality is definitely higher than typical buffets.  Did I mention about the first class table service; staffs really knew what they were doing, so well manner and so proper.  In the elegant interior décor, the atmosphere was all good.  However, the place may not be as spacious as you would have expected.  All in all, this particular signature dinner concept will only last until the end of the November, so you’d better make the move now before it’s too late. 

Note: the prices that I tagged are the regular prices from the a la carte menu.  I think the Tables should continue to have this signature dinner, possibly just once or twice a week.  It is a great idea for premium buffet concept.  

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