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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mitsumori of Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant Review - Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok

Mitsumori of Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant at Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Mitsumori of Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Mitsumori of Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant with a fine focus on the chicken.  In Bangkok, there are a few Japanese places like this but I just found out about this one not too long ago.  I have a few examples of similar restaurants; Jidouriya Kenzou @ Sukhumvit 26 and Toriya Hana @Sukhumvit 49.  The Mitsumori of Tokyo is located in Soi Sukhumvit 23.  Go down the Soi 23 past the first small intersection for about 50 meters and you will see the red house with a white sign at the front.  I thought that the restaurant wouldn’t have parking spaces but they actually have about ten spots available.  Two weeks ago, I planned to dine here but all the tables were reserved.  Yep, it was a weekend; not so surprising for its popularity among the Japanese population in this area.  This time I reserved a table on a weekday to be sure.  The place was full and almost all of customers in the restaurant were Japanese.  We were the only Thai people there that night.

I believe the Mitsumori of Tokyo is under the same management as the Ootoya Thailand.  The actual corporate that operates over these establishments is the Betagro.  Their pork and chicken meat are the S-Pure by Betagro, which is known to be the premium choice.  Some items in the menu here is similar to the Ootoya.  With the high price and presence of premium quality ingredients, I reckon that this is the updated version of the Ootoya.  Many dishes here are supposedly the healthy style, like the Ootoya.  The highlight at Mitsumori of Tokyo is their great selection of Yakitori.  Please find more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual.      

The food at the Matsumori of Tokyo can be simply divided into three main categories.  Let’s start off with what I like first, the Japanese goodies over rice.  I ordered two Japanese rice bowls.  One of them was the Oyako don or Rice with grilled native chicken and egg (300 baht).  This dish became my favorite when I travelled to Japan this past summer. So, whenever I find this dish, I would want to order it.  To be honest, the ones I have had in Thailand, so far I haven’t been too impressed.  I second thought about ordering it because I was afraid that it would be like Oyako don at other Japanese restaurants in Thailand.   Fortunately the Oyako don at Matsumori of Tokyo was so amazing.  The large portion of tasty grilled chicken over the rice had appetizing charcoal aroma and its taste was to-die-for.  I loved it.  The other dish was the Rice with charcoal grilled assorted native chicken (380 baht).  The impression of the dish was like yakitori meat pulled off of the skewers and put over the rice.  It was a good one also but I thought that the yakitori chicken was better off without the rice.  I like the first one more. 

The second category was the yakitori.  I ordered so many skewers but I still felt like there wasn’t enough.  All were so delicious, I wanted more.  Mitsumori of Tokyo @ Sukhumvit 23 did a great job; I could taste the hard work behind it.  Too bad each skewer was too expensive for me; about 100 baht a piece (equivalent to 20 skewers of grilled pork from the food stalls).  My friends and I would have ordered twice as much, if it cost lower.  More delicious ones were the native chicken leg meat with salted plum and oba leaf (130 baht) and the native chicken fillet with wasabi (110 baht).  I could have eaten 10 of these two types, if it cost 10 baht/skewer.  Actually, other choices were good too like entrails and chicken butt.       

About the third category, I wasn’t that impressed.  We had the sautéed pork with ginger sauce (320 baht), which tasted weird and lacked of balance.  Native chicken skin with ponzu sauce (100 baht) tasted good but the skin wasn’t as crispy.  The deep fried crispy native chicken gizzard (180 baht) was not so good.  The cold soba (280 baht) was too expensive.  Majority of Zaru soba I have had elsewhere were better.  Last one was the cold soba with mixed topping (330 baht), which was a cold soba with variety of healthy vegetable topping but it was so bland.  For dessert we had Anmitsu green tea ice cream (110 baht), which was basic green tea ice cream. 

To conclude, my feast at the Mitsumori of Tokyo @ Sukhumvit 23 was impressive overall.  I really enjoyed the chicken dishes like the don and the yakitori.  Since the price in the menu is included the vat + service, so the price isn’t that high above average.  Customer service was pleasant.   I am not surprised that the Mitsumori of Tokyo is a hi-end Japanese restaurant.  For all of you who love Japanese chicken goodies, this fine joint will surely please your chicken craving. 

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