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Saturday, October 13, 2012

FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology Restaurant Review (Second) - K-Village Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology - Witchcraft Neo-industrial design Atmosphere - Black food - Second visit

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

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On the second visit, I was with three other friends.  Two of them never went there before.  They were so stunned by the whole witchcraft atmosphere.  While we were mesmerized by the moving parts inside the restaurant, we had the bartender working on our cocktails.  There were a few choices, interesting ones that I didn’t get to order on the last visit, I had to get them this time.  The first one was the Remedy of watermelon.  Served in a capped jar, the fog of herbal scent burst out when opened.  Its fresh and easy to drink flavor was a good start, perfect for light drinker or girls.  The second one was supposedly created for cucumber lovers, the Voodoo jar.  It came in two parts, a medicine bottle labeled “werewolf chest hair potions” and a martini glass half filled with the cucumber chaser with tapioca seeds.  I believe these two could be mixed or enjoyed separately; mixed was easier to drink.  

The Warlock’s Nightcap.  This cocktail was the highlight of the night.  The bartender carefully weighed, measured the contents, and mixed in a pot with the 4 ft long spout (looked like a plant watering pot).  Actually this pot reminded me of the long kung fu style Chinese tea pot at the Paradise Dynasty @ Siam Paragon.  Then our skilled bartender carefully poured the mixture into metal goblets.   I really liked that I could taste the alcohol but it was so easy to drink, well balanced enough to give a nice buzz.  We still have a couple more drinks to come. Next up was the Rose Sangria, which was a homemade one.  It had the subtle sweet flavor with the flowery scent, I was told.  And the other one was the Slow burn, which I had tried on the first visit.  All of the Cocktails at five were so distinctive yet tastefully blended.  All FiVE signature libations of FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology at K Village cost 280 baht except for the Warlock’s nightcap that was 350 baht.  It is a reasonably priced drink menu for the kind of atmosphere you are in.   

We also ordered a few dishes to try.  Mainly there were two types of food at the FiVE Gastronomy.  One was the black food and the other was the not black; it was as simple as that.  For the dark dishes, the first was the Titan’s Spaghetti (, which as good as the first visit).  The second was of course, the Signature “FiVE” Eclipse stew.  I was impressed with it and I wanted my friend to try it.  They liked the Thai herbs aroma and the spicy seafood flavor in the stew.  Next up in the black department, we had the FiVE Fondue - Fontina cheese, parmesan cheese, cucumber cheese, quail eggs served with black focaccia breads (380 baht).  Served on the black plate, the yellowish white color of the cheese with the egg yolk was for enjoying with the black bread.  It was again a cool concept embedded in the food.  The taste was just alright. 

In the not black food category was the Spice Me Salad, which was the Salmon and rocket with Thai spicy sauce (280 baht).  It had a good presentation but the taste was ordinary.  The second dish was the Amore Spaghetti – with tomato cream sauce and smoked salmon (350 baht).  The impression was a standard looking pasta, but the taste was just as delicious as the first black pasta.  In fact, the salmon was more enjoyable than the squid earlier.  The third menu of the not black was the Baked to the bone – Bone marrow served with breads (360 baht).  I have never seen anything like this before.  It was cow’s lower calf bone cut in half.  The marrow was jelly like, tasted only buttery.  Meant to be a spread on the bread, there were some pickled condiments to add but still there was not much flavor.  Its weirdness was the only attraction to me, I guess.  You should try it anyways.   Last one was the Signature Mama Mai Sushi, Parma Ham, Camembert cheese, cucumber, rice roll with seaweed (310 baht).  It was beautifully roll.  I didn’t enjoy it as much since there was not much taste and it was too expensive.  Honestly, it shouldn’t be in the signature menu. 

For dessert, we ordered the Brain in the Jar (Orange cake, chocolate and white chocolate (210 baht).  The orange ice-cream cake(?) did look like the brain, sitting on top of the black and white chocolate.  We used a metal spoon to dig into the brain but it was way too frozen.  With the chocolate and all, it tasted awesome when it softened up. 

The FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology @ K-Village is absolutely a rare one.  Regardless of its location in the community mall, the whole concept and design of the restaurant is exhilarating.  The food was delicious, mostly.  The drinks were fantastic.  The atmosphere was something else.  The service was not to be worried.  If you long for exciting dining experience, FiVE @ K-Village is the place to be.  

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