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Sunday, October 28, 2012

French Bakery Shop Review - Let Them Eat Cake, Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok

Let Them Eat Cake - French Bakery Shops at Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok 

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   2/5

Let Them Eat Cake - French Bakery Shop on BumRes.com

Let Them Eat Cake – This bakery was so popular among my foodie friends during the time of my visit (July of 2012).  Being owned and operated by the same owner as the W by Wanlamun in Chiang Mai, the Let Them Eat Cake has brought a great attention to the sweet tooth crowd from the very beginning.  Since I was so impressed with the W by Wanlamun, I had to bring my girlfriend there to check it out.  We were there with the concept of “let her eat cake.”  To be honest, I was impressed with their main dishes more than their desserts, so this occasion wasn’t any exciting for me.  This cake shop is located in a brand new tiny retail complex.  It was so new that part of the complex was still under construction.  The name of the complex was Mille Mall or something.  Precisely the place is about 300-400 meters on the right hand side in Soi Sukhumvit 20.  Try to look for the Max Value sign.   

The Let Them Eat Cake at Soi Sukhumvit 20 defined itself as the French Bakery.  It was tiny cake shop, selling only cakes and beverages.  This cake shop is a popular one.  On my visit, the place was completely full, maybe because I was there on a Sunday afternoon.  There weren’t many choices of cakes, about ten choices.  I am unsure if that was all the place had to offer or that the Let Them Eat Cake is still the new kid in the block testing the small variety of cakes to consumers.  Out of ten choices of eye-catching looking cakes, my girlfriend told me that she wanted all of them but then I looked at the price menu.  It was a shock to see that each cost 130 to 175 baht.  By judging the size of the cake, I personally thought it was pricey.  I remember that the cakes at the W by Wanlamun in Chiang Mai cost about 100 baht.  Well, that’s the pricing based local economy.  I could accept that I guess.  People with the love for cake in this town could probably afford it, but not as often as they want to, I would think.

Finally we chose three choices; Tiramisu, cost 130 baht with the portion for (Tom&) Jerry.  La Rose – 135 baht, and the last choice was the Chocolate St. Honere – 175 baht.  If you have been following my reviews, I am not the sweet lover.  But, I must say that I still have a taste for desserts.  One place for dessert that I like would be the Opus – Italian Restaurant @ Silom.  To be honest, I didn’t enjoy these three choices of cake at the Let Them Eat Cake so much.  I have a feeling that the goodness of cakes here is overrated.  You might not understand how Thai people are but most of the time Thai people tend to follow the mainstream trend and forget to realize what they truly like.  Perhaps the shop tried too hard to make it look fancy and overlooked the nature of a good cake.  I thought it was just me that felt mediocre about this place but my girlfriend also felt the same.
All in all, the cakes at the Let Them Eat Cake didn’t hit the spot for me.   It was a little bit overpriced for the portion.  The beverages were ordinary.  I feel no attachment to this place so there probably wouldn’t be a second visit for me.  To my surprise, a few of my friends liked it.  So, it is entirely up to you.  It wouldn’t hurt to try anything once.  If you get to go there, please come back and share with me about your cakes at the “Let Them Eat Cake.”  

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