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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pizzeria Limoncello Italian Restaurant Review in Bangkok

Pizzeria Limoncello - Italian Restaurant at Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3.5/5

Pizzeria Limoncello - Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Pizzeria Limoncello or what is known as Limoncello is one of the Italian restaurants under the management of the Zanotti Group Thailand.  Other restaurants operated by this company are the Zanotti I on Saladaeng road, Silom.  There is one other restaurant in Khao Yai, I can’t remember the name.  With the Zanotti being the flagship restaurant, the Limoncello must be the market brand to target a larger group.  The Limoncello should be the less expensive one but it is still a bit pricey.  Atmosphere of Limoncello is relaxing yet stylish, as being the nice Italian restaurant.  The theme color is yellow, like the name.  Limoncello is an alcoholic drink created by Italian people; made with lime or lemon, I believe.  The place is ocated in the Soi Sukhumvit 11.  Go into the Soi for about 300-400 meters and the restaurant is on the left hand side.  If you drive there, valet service is available for your convenience. 

Limoncello also serve lunch.  I am not sure if they have lunch set; they should.  This visit, I am reviewing the dinner.  From my gourmet experience, eating dinner at nice Italian restaurant shouldn’t be disappointing.  But if you go for French or Italian lunch sets in Bangkok, often times it wouldn’t be as impressive.  May be, it is just a generalization from my past experiences.  Anyways, please share your thoughts with me.  You can suggest a good European lunch sets.

According the name, Pizzeria Limoncello, I am not surprised that the Pizza menu has over 50 toppings to choose from.  Sitting grand in the dining hall is a large wood fired oven, which is a great part of the interior setting.  There were a couple of Pizza makers working on the doe for the longest time, throughout my dinner actually. I assumed that each pizza is made fresh to order.  They are working hard at it because every table ordered a pizza at least.  An average price for a tray of pizza is around 300-400 baht depending on the topping.  For appetizer, salad, soup, and main dish, there aren’t too many choices in the menu.  You can see more details in the tab menu as usual.  

On this visit at the Pizzeria Limoncello, I was part of a party of eight.  We ordered so many dishes, so I won’t get into much detail with each dish.  Overall, the food was definitely enjoyable.  I am not surprised that this Italian restaurant is the favorite of many people.  Being the relative of the renowned Zanotti, this restaurant surely kept up the good standard.  Good taste and good portion; for most people, one main dish would be sufficient, if there is a pizza to share with a couple of friends.  My favorite dish must be the Parma Ham Pizza (290 baht).  I couldn’t believe the amount of Parma Ham given.  I liked that it wasn’t too salty.  The second best dish was the Rolled pork tenderloin stuffed with parma ham fontina cheese in white wine sauce (380 baht).  It was a typical size porkchop and it was so plump.  I didn’t know that there was stuffing at first, which was a nice surprise.  This dish was tastefully done.  Other dishes I liked were the Caprese Salad (Insalata caprese (330 baht), Baked spinach with cheese, the pasta, and a seafood dish.  We had a couple more dishes, which were also satisfying, just not as much as the first two described.    

The pizza and the main dishes at Pizzeria Limoncello were impressive, the dessert was even more outstanding.  The marketing technique was awesome.  When we asked for dessert menu, the waitress brought the dessert platter out for us to see.  I am that much of a sweet lover, so I didn’t get that excited.  The girls were going crazy with the three huge dessert platters.  My friends, they couldn’t resist the lovely desserts.  We had three choices on the table.  I knew that one of them was a Tiramisu.  The other two choices, I didn’t get the names.  Please enjoy seeing the photos.  My suggestion is to leave some room for desserts when you dine at the Pizzeria Limoncello.

The Pizzeria Limoncello @ Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok is absolutely a great choice for an Italian dinner in the city of Bangkok.  For me, it was worth fighting through the rush hours on Sukhumvit road.  And for the price of almost 2,000 baht per person, it was well spent.  I must go to the Zanotti for dinner.  I was there for lunch once before and it was ordinary.  Who loves pizza and delicious Italian, the Limoncello is good choice.  Make your reservation ahead of the time.  I was there Wednesday night and the place was packed. 

P.S. It was a surprise to see that we were charged for the complimentary bread. What’s up with that? 

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