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Saturday, October 13, 2012

FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology Restaurant Review (First) - K-Village, Bangkok

FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology - European Restaurant - Witchcraft Theme - Black Spaghetti - FiVE Signature Libations 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

There are only a few restaurants in Bangkok with the really strong concept.  To name a few, I would say; Iron Fairies @ Thonglor, Cabbage and Condom, Chocolate Ville, and Baan Nam Kiang Din.  The restaurant that I am reviewing also falls into this category.  In the darkness of witchcraft theme, the FiVE Gastronomy & Mixology presents all of its aspect within the establishment very dark and mysterious.  I thought I time travelled to a different era, walking into the FiVE at K-Village, Sukhumvit 26.

The Neo-Industrial expression of FiVE’s interior was designed by Ashley Sutton, who also did the interior design of Iron Fairies, Clouds, Fat Gut’z, and more.  Resided within the K-Village, an upscale community mall, FiVE atmosphere was something else.  As entering, I was directed toward the huge moving metal gears over the bar and other interactive machinery décor.  Once the big metal closed behind me, I was hypnotized by all the wizard elements inside the FiVE and forgot that I was in a community mall.  Thumbs way up for the unique interior design!

Wondering about the name, I had to ask the staff who wore an all black wizard cloak.  FiVE represents the five elements, which are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.  Each can be clarified in the cocktails menu, “FiVE Signature Libations,” created by Joseph Boroski, who is proclaimed as the World’s Greatest Mixologist.   As a mixologist and bar consultant, he put many extraordinary tricks in the bars all over the world.  I didn’t know who he was at first.  With this guy’s name in the spirits menu, I didn’t get excited at all until I got to sip on the drinks.  All cocktails were so distinctive, specifically created to match the theme of wizardry.  Besides the cool drinks, the food at FivE was mind-blowing.  It was more than nice buzz I got at FiVE the first time, it was the joy and excitement that brought  me back for the second time. 

On my first visit at FiVE, I had already been drinking a few glasses of wine at a Wine tasting event at Royal Orchid Sheraton.  It was a wonderful chill out night with close friend.  We wanted to move somewhere afterward and my friend suggested the FiVE.  She told me that I would really like the atmosphere.  I was stunned by the whole concept.  Shortly after sitting in a low couch by the bar and overwhelmed by the moving metal parts confining the space, we ordered a bottle of Italian wine.  We already ate dinner but we had to order a couple of dishes.  Titan’s Spaghetti was our first choice. It was Spaghetti squid and squid ink, came to the table with the grated parmesan and basil floating on darkness; the plate, the spaghetti, the squid, and the sauce.  At FiVE, The squid ink will turn your mouth completely black.  Contrast to its appearance, this dish was surprisingly delicious.  Another dish was also black, the Signature Five Eclipse stew, which came with black bread.  Oppose to its weird appearance, the dish at Five gastronomy was actually tasty.  So far so good with the wine and the food.    

We wanted to keep the wine vibe going but it didn’t last because of the FiVE Signature Libations.  With two other friends we ordered one choice at a time.  The first one was the Witch’s Mojito, which had a simple taste but served in a jam jar with the lid closed to keep the sweet minty scent coming with dry ice smoke; made with silver rum, brown sugar, and Chinese herb syrup.  Then we had a couple of the slow burn, which had the fire lit on a lime.  It tasted smooth with the tangy sweet fruits and the Gin.  Then our last drink was just too crazy.  We asked the bartender for something grand and special.  He served us three levels of stacking glasses.  It wasn’t in the menu.  I am not sure what were included; possibly champagne, brandy, rum, beer, and some liquor.  The whole thing was on fire while the bartender was pouring beer on the glass pyramid.  Please see the photo.  This one nearly put three of us out, lol…  We were too hyped up and had too much fun.  I had no idea how we got to order that drink.  Anyways, it was a wonderful night and I was looking forward to bragging about the restaurant to friends. 

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