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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flow - Brunch On The River at the Millennium Hilton Bangkok

(Sunday) Brunch on the River at Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Slow roasted lamb loin from the FLOW restaurant
Sunday is a family day for many people of all races and backgrounds; local or expats.  Sunday is a good day to get together and do a family activity or go to a place to enjoy a nice lunch.  In western culture where Christians go to church every Sunday and families would enjoy a feast afterward.  For many it is their first meal but at lunch time.  So, this is where the concept of the Sunday Brunch came about.   Nowadays there are so many Sunday Brunch buffets at five-star hotels all across town. With the popularity among Thai families and local expatriates, the concept of Sunday Brunch has become even more advance; it is the evolution of Sunday brunch.  Many hotels are competing in coming up with their most extravagance feast and this is where we, as food reviewers would like to get involved. 

360 Three-sixty Lounge gives the picturesque view of the Sunday morning from the 32nd floor with the fancy cocktails  
The Millennium Hilton on the Charoennakorn road has just upgraded their Sunday Brunch with a concept of “SUNDAY BRUNCH ON THE RIVER@ FLOW.”  It all begins around 11am with the Pre-drink at the Three Sixty Lounge, where you will be sipping on fruity cocktails along with crisp and light snacks while overlooking the Chao Phraya river nearby and the panoramic view of Bangkok from the 32nd floor of the Millennium Hilton.  Just like the name Three Sixty, the lounge has spanning windows revolve to almost 360 degree around.  The drinks, the live piano, the view; what a great Sunday so far! 
The line buffet from the Maya Restaurant within the FLOW Brunch on the river concept
After the pre-drink and the appetizers, we were quite ready for the feast.  So, we worked our way down to the Flow, which is where the Sunday Brunch is happening.  Every week, the Millennium Hilton combines signature dishes from other restaurants in the hotel, which includes Prime Steakhouse, Maya, and Yuan, to create the massive buffet, the most overwhelming buffet experience I have ever encountered.  It is not easy to list all of the food presented in the buffet to all of you but here are some highlights at the Brunch.      

The cakes at the Lantern, a separate sweet shop by the river,
serving the biggest choices of dessert out of all Sunday Brunch in Bangkok

Mainly the Flow has the international choices ranges from raw salads to cold seafood; baked chicken to grilled sea scallop; baked oysters to roasted lamb.  This section of the buffet offers the greatest variety.  Suit yourself with your favorite picks.  The Prime Steakhouse is known to serve the top notch steaks in Bangkok.  At this quarter, they have Caesar salad made with ingredients of your request.  But the highlight is their premium cuts of red meat such as Roast prime rib, prime beef tartar.  Truffle fondue is a rare choice that is also available at the Prime Steakhouse section.   If you feel like having Thai specialties, the cooks from Maya will be serving you the local favorites like papaya salad, stir-fried, and curries.  For Dim Sum lovers, the Yuan, a Chinese restaurant of the Millennium Hilton will impress you with the Jumbo shrimp Shumai and the tasty BBQ pork.  We had a little of everything and food from the Prime Steakhouse impressed us the most.      

The food from Maya and Yuan may take some time to prepare, so you can order from the staffs and they will bring them right to your table when ready.  Other food selection in line buffet will be available for you to go back for more from noon until 4pm.  There will be plenty of time to cheer up with a few glass of wine from the bar.  There are a few choices of both red and white wine from several places like Australia, Chile, California, and France.   Behind the liquor bar is the Cheese room, where you will find various types of cheese properly kept in the temperate room (19 degree Celsius).   Well, we suggest not being at the Flow until 4pm because you will miss out the dessert heaven by the river, the Lantern.  Just adjacent to the Flow, the Lantern is pleasing sweet tooth people with over 20 choices of cakes, ice-cream teppanyaki, ice-cream spaghetti, chocolate tidbits, and more.  After a quick mingle in the dessert heaven, we headed to the patio seating outdoor with a hand full of delightful desserts to enjoy near the river.  Many loving couples would look a romantic occasion like this.  For families, this is where the kids would go wild. 
The Millennium Hilton is offering the one of a kind feast every single Sunday from 11am – 4pm.  The price is 1,999 baht net and 2,999 baht net with free flow wine and sparkling.  Stir up your lazy Sunday with your friends and loved ones at the “SUNDAY BRUNCH ON THE RIVER@FLOW.”  You will be surprised with today’s trend of Sunday brunch extravaganza. 

The atmosphere of the 360 Lounge of the Millennium Hilton

Relax and enjoy the cocktail with soothing sound of Piano playing

Bird of Paradise - Welcome Drink 

The snacks: crispy fried oysters, rice crispies, and fried shrimps. 

Begin the day with the starter platter of seafood crisps.

Variety of fancy cocktails included in the Brunch on the Rive concept at the 360 Lounge

About time we get busy with the variety of dishes from around the world in the buffet set up at the Flow

On a beautiful Sunday, families get together to enjoy the brunch at Flow

The section of Chinese specialty and Dim Sum from Yuan the Chinese restaurant

The section for Japanese specialties

Colorful maki rolls in the Japanese section

One of the cold seafood at the Flow 

All kinds of alcoholic beverages for you to choose; spirits, wine, sparkling wine, and more

The Cheese Room - a remarkable addition that sets the Flow apart from other Brunch

So many types of cheese and sides - truly the heaven for cheese lovers.

The first serving: Lamb chop, Salmon, and Mussels

Foie Gras, order from the table, all you can eat

The variety of European dishes from FLOW; baked oyster with spinach, smoked salmon, and more entree

Free flow of red or white wine included in the Brunch on the river pass

Scallops with X.O. Sauce from the Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Steamed Snow Fish from Yuan Chinese Restaurant

The Giant Shrimp Shumai - highlight of the buffet at FLOW

Roast Prime Rib and Cold Seafood

Caesar Salad fresh from the section of the Prime Steakhouse

Ceviche scallops - creatively served in the jar 

Stir-fried local green vegetable from Yuan

Egg noodles with beef from the Maya

Stir fried crab with yellow curry - wonderful dish from the Yuan Chinese Restaurant at FLOW - Brunch on the River 

Ice Cream Teppanyaki - sweet highlight of Sunday Brunch 

Chocolate nuts of different kinds

The bakery goodies at the Lantern

Cool desserts in the fridge at Lantern - about 20 choices to choose from 

Fondue with fruits or mash mellows and Waffles  

Chocolate Souffle

Cheesecake, Tiramisu, and Creme Brulee

Chocolate Cake, Mango Pudding

Macaron and more

The dessert chosen for two people, from the great selection

The teppanyaki ice-cream

Reserve a table  0-2442-2000

More information about the brunch http://goo.gl/Ttuc6

Feel free to leave a comment and you can also contact me via channels below.


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